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R.I.P. 'Selfie' (Again). Here Are All the Things We'll Miss

By Vivian Kane | TV | December 31, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | TV | December 31, 2014 |

There were a lot of television surprises in 2014. McConaughey and Harrelson: Serious Actors, Jane the Virgin, the Fargo adaptation no one thought we needed. But maybe the biggest surprise of all was Selfie.

Going in, there wasn’t much to be hopeful about. The premise was terrible: a modern day social media Pygmalion? Blech. The trailers were even worse. Over the summer we ranked it as the #1 most heinous-looking fall show (on ABC at least, but I bet the result would have been the same if we had expanded that list to all networks). The best thing Dustin could say about the pilot is that it “stops being terrible” after the first 10 minutes. And I’m not saying any of those assessments were wrong. They were quite right. But much like with New Girl and Parks and Recreation, something changed during the first season. The characters clicked in and they found a rhythm that was entertaining and fun, but also surprising, with hints at depths they could eventually reach. But then they were stolen from us, cancelled by the evil forces at ABC. We had a brief resurrection thanks to Hulu, but this Tuesday, the last episode of Selfie aired. Barring a Community-style internet pick-up, that’s the end.

So let us take a moment to pay tribute. Selfie, we’re sad to see you go. There are many things we’ll miss.

Your musical moments.

ALL your musical moments.

Even this weird promotional one.

Your My Fair Lady references.

We’ll miss preteen “butt” Eliza.
selfies-main-character-most butt.jpg

And we’ll miss adult Eliza’s tights to varying degrees.

But John Cho’s vests to the extreme.

Also bow ties.

We’ll even miss Karen Gillan’s questionable American accent.

We’ll miss your surprises.

Your sexy surprises.

Your ultra-sexy surprises.

And most of all, the surprising things you made us feel.

So farewell, Selife. We hardly knew ye. We can’t know why you were taken from us so soon. Perhaps ABC just wasn’t ready for you, and for what you made us feel.

You will be missed.