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‘Unidentified’ is a Bonkers, Sobering Show About UFOs and the Threat They Pose to National Security

By Kate Hudson | TV | June 6, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | TV | June 6, 2019 |


Friends, I’ve seen a UFO. In fact, I’ve seen one, twice, over the course of about a year and a half, while I was living in South West England. I used to love taking night walks along the river when I lived there, and I had two instances where on one of these walks I saw a glowing orange orb that I at first mistook for a floating paper lantern that was released into the sky, but soon realized that floating lanterns can’t hover over the same spot for minutes at a time, nor rapidly zoom vertically up and down and side to side, without any sound emanating from them. It was a bizarre experience that was repeated later in approximately the same location, about a year and a half on from the first sighting. At the time these sightings occurred I didn’t give it much thought (although each time I saw the orange orbs, I definitely stopped and watched them until they zoomed away, which if I recall, took about 30 minutes) until it occurred to me to Google it a few years later. Yup, it’s a thing that occurs across the world.

Now, as much as I like to talk about supernatural things at Pajiba, I’m not convinced I saw aliens doing alien things. But I know I saw something that defies the laws of physics, which moved in a way no aircraft I know of is capable.

Which brings me to Unidentified —the new History channel docuseries that is attempting to tackle UFOs and the threat they pose to national security. It’s bonkers—because if you believe the premise of the show, there is a national, perhaps international, conspiracy to cover up the fact that there are aircrafts capable of defying our known laws of how aircrafts work that are frequently being spotted and interacted with off our own shores. It’s also bonkers because if you don’t believe the premise of the show, there’s a bunch of rich dudes with too much time on their hands crafting conspiracy theories because they watched too many episodes of the X-files.

After the first episode of Unidentified, I’m inclined to count myself among the former group.

This is not your typical History Channel aliens show. You can tell that because this dude never pops up:


You know who does?

John Podesta. Yes. That John Podesta.

So do a lot of other people with security clearances, and some legitimate experience working in the DoD, like Christopher Mellon, who at one point was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, and Luis Elizondo, who headed the Pentagon-funded Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

The first episode of Unidentified primarily revolves around an incident that occurred with the US Navy in 2004 off the coast of Southern California. Contact was engaged with a craft that looked like a tic tac and was witnessed by multiple pilots. One was interviewed on camera, but with her identity hidden, about her first-person account with the aircraft. It was compelling stuff and clear that she believed she witnessed a craft that had no business being where it was, and the way it operated defied the laws of physics as is currently understood. Perhaps the most sobering aspect of her interview was when she relayed the panic and fear she felt when it dawned on her that the pilots were potentially going to have a dogfight with an aircraft that they couldn’t keep up with, nor beat through aerial maneuvers.

A significant portion of the first episode was also dedicated to Tom DeLonge, yes, that Tom DeLonge of Blink 182 fame, who is a producer of the series, and whose emails to John Podesta regarding UFOs were part of the Russian hack email dump in 2016. Remember that?

Unidentified provides a sobering look at what we know as UFOs because once you dial back the extraterrestrial portion of the equation, if you accept the premise at face value, it means that there are aircrafts that our own government cannot defend us against.

It’s fun to laugh at the alien weirdos out there who claim massive government conspiracies to hide the truth. I mean, I wrote about Stan Romanek, the guy who said he was abducted by aliens (a lot) but who is also a convicted criminal who possessed child pornography, and the documentary on him a few months ago where he claimed the government was after him. The subject becomes increasingly less funny when people with real credibility, like ex-Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, are saying that UFOs are a potential national threat, and require more research because the government isn’t doing enough to research and act on sightings, in particular, from members of the military.

All I can say is that I know what I saw back in England, and that other people have seen the same thing in different parts of the world. Where those orange orbs, and other reported UFOs came from, and who’s (what’s?) behind it is something worth studying and trying to understand. I look forward to seeing where Unidentified goes with the premise.