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Ranking, From Best to Worst, All the New Fall Shows According to their Rotten Tomatoes' Score

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 22, 2014 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 22, 2014 |

1. Jane the Virgin (100 percent) — I thought this was a terrifically charming and witty take on the Spanish telenovela. Alas, I’m really not the demographic, so I’m not likely to stick with it long. But it’s a really sweet series.

2. The Affair (96 percent) — Jennifer Lawrence’s best friend (whose name eludes me at the moment) said that it looks like Nicholas Sparks watched too much True Detective, and I can’t get over that description. Through two episodes, I want to like it more than I actually do (Sarah loves it, though.)

3. The Flash (96 percent) — TK wasn’t particularly impressed with the pilot of Arrow spin-off because it lacked the substance of its predecessor, but I am finding that Jessie L. Martin is bringing a lot of gravitas to the series.

4. Gotham (90 percent) — The reviews were clearly based on the pilot (which we also reviewed favorably), but it has since begun to shed viewers rapidly, and our friend, Mike Ryan, has even taken to compiling lists of each episodes most unintentionally funny moments.

5. Black-ish (85 percent) — I’m a big fan of this sitcom (and so is Emily), but here’s something interesting about the show. Most “audience scores” on Rotten Tomatoes hover around or above the critics’ scores by about 10 percent. Black-ish has an audience score of 51 percent. What’s up with that?

6. How to Get Away with Murder (84 percent) — My breakdown of the show on a 100 percent scale: Diversity: 98 percent. Hutzpah: 99 percent. Writing: 60 percent. Knowledge of the law or law school: -45 percent.

7. Marry Me (79 percent) — My favorite new sitcom of the season, even if it has some kinks to work out (Vivian likes it, too)

8. Madam Secretary (67 percent) — Lord Castleton had a really good take on this series. Tea Leoni is great. Everything else is weak sauce. For me, it’s become an 11 and 11 series (I watch the first 11 minutes and the last, at least until it proves it worth a bigger time investment).

9. A to Z (66 percent) — Emily was not a fan at all, and I understand why, but I am a little bit smitten with Ginsberg from Mad Men and The Mother from HIMYM.

10. Gracepoint (65 percent) — Having already seen the British series, I can’t bring myself to watch the same season with different actors. Maybe if it’s renewed, I’ll watch the second season of the American series over the second season of the British one.

11. NCIS: New Orleans (64 percent) — It’s a big hit with Dads.

12. Red Band Society (59 percent) — I watched the first episode. I didn’t hate it! But clearly, I didn’t like it enough to watch another one.

13. Selfie (56 percent) — It is a show that is, at times, excruciatingly annoying, and at other times, remarkably sweet. It’s a decent background filler show.

14. Forever — All I know about this show is what Genny writes in her Pajiba After Dark posts, although I think that Emily will be coming with a review soon.

15. Scorpion (38 percent) — I don’t do procedurals.

16. Manhattan Love Story (29 percent) — I made it midway through the second episode before I simply couldn’t take anymore. I want better for Analeigh Tipton.

17. Mysteries of Laura (23 percent) — 23 percent? That high? I don’t think Sarah would agree.

18. Stalker (20 percent) — You’re not the worst reviewed show of the new season, but you are the worst reviewed drama. Congratulations!

19. Bad Judge (18 percent) — It’s a terrible show, but I have enjoyed seeing the comedic side of Kate Walsh. She’s great. The sitcom is not.

20. Mulaney (15 percent) — Excruciating. Thankfully, we are already looking toward the future with the cast of the series, as it appears cancellation is imminent.