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Somebody, Anybody, Please Cast Ewan McGregor As Will Shatner

By Victoria McNally | TV | May 3, 2017 |

By Victoria McNally | TV | May 3, 2017 |

Season 3 of Fargo is only two episodes in, and it’s already shaping up to be a treasure trove of easter eggs for the science fiction enthusiast. No, I’m not talking about the Hugo Award (or the “Golden Planet,” I guess it’s technically going to be called) that appeared in the first episode, nor am I alluding to the clearly illustrious work of Thaddeus Mobley. This concerns Emmitt Stussy, not Ennis. This is about Ewan McGregor’s perm.

It’s very easy to point to white man wearing his hair tightly spiraled curls and make a joke that he looks like T.J. Hooker — in the right pop culture discussing circles, William Shatner’s ’80s TV role as a beat cop is a time-honored punchline. But for real, though. Emmit Stussy looks exactly like the William Shatner of that era, right down to the hairline and furrowed brow. Just look at these two side-by-side and tell me you don’t see the resemblance.


Seriously!!! LOOK AT THEM.

If Paramount Pictures is going to make another Star Trek movie (which at this point it’s starting to seem like they won’t, inexplicably), I know that they will most likely return to Chris Pine as Kirk. Which, hey! Good for him. He’s doing a solid job in the role, and he looks enough like a young swashbuckling Shatner did in the ’60s that he certainly hasn’t seemed out of place.

But I put it to you and the Gods of Hollywood Casting Decisions that if anybody ever produces a biopic about William Shatner, it needs to be Ewan. He is clearly the only man with the charisma, charm, and toupee-wearing skills to pull off such a performance. Plus, then he’d be in the illusive club of actors who’ve played roles in both Star Trek and Star Wars history, which I think so far is just Simon Pegg and a bunch of voice actors in The Clone Wars. Howabout a biopic of when the first Star Trek movie was made so McGregor could make a bunch of dorky jokes about how stupid that other science fiction movie is? People would absolutely pay to see that!!! How much money do I have to pay Ryan Murphy personally to make that mini-series happen?

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