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On 'A Million Little Things': How Many Secret Illegitimate Children Can One Family Have?

By Dustin Rowles | TV | November 8, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | November 8, 2019 |


While the first season of A Million Little Things was largely driven by the suicide of John and the mystery surrounding Barbara Morgan and John’s life insurance, we now know with certainty that John slept with Barbara Morgan, who — if I remember correctly — was the girlfriend of John’s old best friend, who died on 9/11. Previously, we believed that John left to Barbara Morgan and her son $250,000 because he felt guilty about abandoning the mother of his best friend’s child.

Turns out, as we learn from a DNA test this week, the father of that child, PJ, is actually John. Maybe that’s why John — before he died — didn’t hold a lot of animosity toward his best friend, Eddie, for sleeping with his wife. It’s an old trick that John pulled when he was younger, too. *High Five*?

So, now we have two illegitimate children: PJ, son of Barbara Morgan and the late John; and Charlie, the daughter of Delilah and Eddie. The only people that know about PJ, so far, are Rome and Regina, and doling that secret out is probably going to fuel the next several episodes. The other fuel? The tension between Katherine and Delilah over Delilah’s refusal to tell her children that Eddie is Charlie’s dad. I mean, I get it, Delilah. She doesn’t want her kids to know that she was sleeping around on her husband with her husband’s best friend, especially now that her husband is dead. But, Delilah, come on now: How long do you think you can keep up this lie, especially with Eddie so badly wanting to act as Charlie’s father? It’s time for Delilah to fess up to the kids and let them know that her marriage to their father was broken, that John failed to satisfy her sexually, and that she had to get her rocks off elsewhere.

The good news for Delilah is this: The kids may lose a half-sister through John, but once everyone finds out that PJ is John’s son, they gain a half-brother through their late father and they gain a new pseudo member of the family in Eddie! Better news still is that Delilah can be like, “DON’T JUDGE ME. Your Dad did it first!” *High Five*? (In either respect, I hope this means we don’t have to see much more of Barbara Morgan, because her husband, Billy Walsh from Entourage, gives me the heebs).

I do appreciate, however, that Katherine and Delilah finally have an excuse to yell at each other, because that needed to be done. Katherine can’t be the scorned woman forever. It’s about time she stood up to Delilah and said, “Hey, lady! Back the f**k off. You slept with my husband. Now it’s time to pay the consequences.” Eddie needs some sweet, sweet custody, y’all.

Meanwhile, I cannot believe they dragged this dog subplot out for two episodes. Maggie lost Gary’s dog last week, and it almost broke them apart because Gary has some issues. It’s a dog, Gary. Perspective, bro. They made amends and found the dog, but not before finding out that the dog actually belonged to someone else. So this week, we had to deal with a whole thing where Gary spent the whole episode trying to decide whether or not to do the right thing before finally deciding to do so and then crying a lot because he had to give the dog back to its rightful owner, a sweet old widow whose only companionship came from that pup. But what does Maggie do? She pulls the old switcheroo, and she gives the old lady another dog that only looks like her dog, while she keeps Gary’s dog for Gary.

I only hope the older lady doesn’t find out, because 1) it would be really sad for her, but also 2) I don’t want A Million Little Things to devote another damn episode to the dog.

There will be a funeral in next week’s episode. I can almost assure you that it will be a very minor character (probably a friend of Gary and Maggie’s who passed from cancer). Given the level of importance they give to dogs on this show, however, I wouldn’t be too surprised if we learned that it’s a dog in that coffin. Meanwhile, Katherine is about to go full lawyer on Delilah, and it’s about damn time.

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