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'Mr. Robot' Recap: Who Is Vera? Who Is 'The Other One'?

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 15, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 15, 2019 |


I appreciate how simplified Sam Esmail has made the final season of Mr. Robot, essentially paring the story down to one major storyline: Elliot’s mission to take down Whiterose and the Dark Army. Philip Price even offers us a helpful exposition dump at the beginning of the episode to frame the rest of the season. Basically, Whiterose is the head of the Deus Group, which is a group of world leaders that control all the world’s resources and “manipulate world events for profit.” It appears that Putin, Dick Cheney, and the late Roger Ailes are among those in the Deus Group, as well as Price himself, as CEO of E Corp. However, Whiterose runs the joint, and she is building a billion-dollar machine beneath the Washington Township and plans to use it in 8 days time to consolidate control within herself.

That’s it. That’s the storyline. Elliot has eight days to take down Whiterose before she and the Dark Army take control of the Deus Group and the world.

Philip Price, meanwhile, is along for the trip. After saving Elliot from an overdose last week, he reluctantly agrees to help Elliot destroy Whiterose. His only task: To get all the members of the Deus Group in one room. To accomplish that, Price informs Whiterose that he is resigning as CEO of E Corp immediately, requiring that Whiterose convene the entire Deus Group on New Year’s Day to pick a successor. How convenient. Whiterose is very unhappy about it, but it doesn’t appear as though she has a choice.

Elsewhere, Darlene and Elliot spent the bulk of the episode dealing with the aftermath of their mother’s death. It brings Darlene and Elliot closer together, but we don’t learn that much aside from the fact that they disliked their mother; their mother felt alone; she had a safe deposit box, the contents of which were destroyed. However, we do also learn that Dark Army associate Susan Jacobs holds the key to Northern Cyprus, the bank Elliot needs access to in order to take down Whiterose. Darlene and fsociety, however, killed Susan Jacobs, which complicates matters. However, Darlene may know enough about Susan Jacobs to get Elliot what he needs.

Elsewhere, Dom is trying to clean up the Santiago mess. She gave a cover story to another FBI agent, but Dom apparently didn’t sell it hard enough so the Dark Army killed the FBI agent and told Dom to sell harder.

It’s a very straightforward episode … until the twist in the end.

Darlene tells Elliot that Vera (pictured above) — the guy who killed Elliot’s old girlfriend, Shayla — had been around, and that when Darlene told Elliot about it a few weeks prior, Elliot blew it off. Elliot is like, “What? You didn’t tell me?” And Mr. Robot is like, “Nope, wasn’t me, either.” If it wasn’t Elliot, and it wasn’t Mr. Robot, who was it?

The episode then cuts to the boardroom where Elliot first met Tyrell Wellick. There, a young Elliot sits behind a table and speaks to his mother, who asks where “the other one” is. The “other one” isn’t Elliot, and it isn’t Mr. Robot. It’s … another of Elliot’s identities. But who?

In an interview with THR, Sam Esmail would not reveal who the third personality is, except to say that he or she has been part of the plan since the beginning and that, once we find out who it is, we’ll be able to rewatch the series and see it.

Who is it? Based on that conversation young Elliot has with his mother, we can surmise that Elliot himself is actually one of the alters, along with Mr. Robot. The “True” Elliot may actually be Sam Sepiol, an alias that Elliot has used on occasion.


Here’s the Wikipedia page that Mobley created for Sam Sepiol in season one, although maybe he didn’t “create” the page on the fly. Maybe he just “edited” the page.


Sam Sepiol is the multimillionaire founder of Bleetz. If Elliot is secretly a multimillionaire, it might explain a lot of things about how a hacker who otherwise doesn’t seem to have a job anymore has had so much access and equipment.

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