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Matt Lucas Once Told Noel Fielding to 'F*** Off' While Having a 'Breakdown' on 'GBBO'

By Dustin Rowles | TV | February 22, 2024 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | February 22, 2024 |


Matt Lucas was never the most popular co-host of The Great British Bake-Off with his bad Dad jokes and his awkward cringe humor, but he seems like a pleasant enough person. The fact that he once told Noel Fielding to “f**k off” is not a point against him, either, as I assume that most contestants on The Great British Bake-Off feel that way about Noel at some point or another. As cozy as the cooking competition might be, it’s still stressful for the bakers. I’m sure that they might occasionally find it annoying when their latest creation is falling apart, and Noel Fielding has jokes, as well-intentioned as they might be.

This is precisely what Matt Lucas learned himself as a baker on one of the Stand Up To Cancer celebrity specials that the Great British Bake-Off puts on each year, which are sadly not available on Netflix for American viewers. On the latest episode of Ed Gamble and James Acaster’s often very funny Off Menu podcast, Fielding revealed that Lucas had something of a “break down” as a contestant on the charity special.

Gamble and Acaster are all too familiar with the pressures of the special, especially Acaster, who has a hysterical stand-up bit about his baking face plant on GBBO. If Fielding had razzed Acaster, I’m sure the ALL-TIME GREATEST Taskmaster contestant would have told him to “f**k off,” too, although Acaster remembers Fielding fondly as being the only one who found his breakdown funny.

Acaster appreciated that. Lucas did not, as Fielding explained on the podcast.

“Yeah, and he was having a breakdown as well,” Fielding said. “He told me to f*** off. Because I just came up and was laughing at him and he was like: ‘Oh, f*** off.’ And then he went, ‘Oh I’m really sorry, I’m just really stressed.’

“I was like ‘Are you joking?’ but it really got to him. I think he felt extra pressure because he was supposed to be good or something.”

Huh. Why would he be expected to be a good baker when he was never a good co-host? (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, not that Lucas will see this after he blocked us on social media for our relentless criticism of his hosting skills (Apologies!)).

Meanwhile, if you’ve never listened to Gamble and Acaster’s Off Menu podcast, it’s great, depending on the guest. Each week, a celebrity will describe their perfect meal at length, which often proves to be an insightful entryway into a celebrity’s personality. The Paul Rudd episode is a favorite, while a recent episode with Peter Capaldi suggested the brilliant actor to be not particularly funny, even if he did seem like a nice enough guy.

Source: Off Menu