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Make Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt 'Famous-Ish' Again

By Emma Chance | TV | September 11, 2023 |

By Emma Chance | TV | September 11, 2023 |


The original reality TV villains, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (Speidi for short) from the original reality show, The Hills, are back with a new podcast, Speidi’s 16th Minute. Launched in early August, so far they’ve covered topics like Deux Moi, OnlyFans, Bethenny Frankel’s “Reality Reckoning” and Brangelina. But, in an August 30th episode with Evan Real and Danny Murphy from Page Six, Speidi made a confession: they want to be famous again. Well, “famous-ish.”

First, Pratt spoke about his admiration for nepo-babies, and the couple expressed interest in garnering enough “clout” by the time their kids are older that they, too, could benefit from nepotism. That led to a conversation about Montag’s group chat with other moms in their neighborhood, the Pacific Palisades, where she is routinely ignored.

“I don’t think they respect her celebrity,” Pratt said of why the other moms ignore her. He thinks they’ve recently received negative attention because Bethenny Frankel, in her crusade to unionize reality shows, alleged that the couple was on board.

“We responded to Bethenny because Bethenny was saying that we were involved in her lawsuit,” Pratt said. He explained that they felt they needed to make a statement denouncing the claim because “we’re out pitching a reality show every day trying to get on TV.”

“We are not anti-reality TV,” Montag agreed. The consensus between the couple and their guests was that “no one is involved and no one wants to be involved” with Frankel’s crusade.

“You know, as much as this is a podcast, this is also a platform for us to figure out actually how to become relevant again, get a 16th-minute past this podcast, actually be famous-ish,” Pratt said, asking his guests for advice on how to achieve that and how they might “extend their notoriety.”

Want to know what I think, Speidi? Keep doing exactly what you’re doing. Keep talking trash on the internet, on your podcast, everywhere you can. Be equal opportunity gossips. This is what’s missing from reality TV right now: terrible people saying terrible things. We’ve had enough of the terrible things happening off-screen so we have to put the pieces together outside of the shows. We’ve had enough of the hero worship of bartenders and housewives. Give Speidi a show! Put them on Beverly Hills or Orange County, whichever one the Pacific Palisades are closer to. How about The Real Housewives of Pacific Palisades?

Seriously, I’m tired of watching kind of normal people doing kind of normal things on reality TV. I want to watch wealthy dirtbags embarrass themselves again. Is that really too much to ask?