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Look After The Universe For Me: 'Doctor Who' Prologue Now Online

By Brock Wilbur | TV | September 11, 2015 |

By Brock Wilbur | TV | September 11, 2015 |

Thanks to the BBC, we now have the first mini-episode to tie us to the first episode of new Who season nine.

Does this get you aching for September 19th and the big premiere episode? That’s my birthday and this is going to be my birthday present and if it’s bad then my entire year was a waste of time.

Let’s breakdown what’s going on in this almost annoyingly cryptic mini-sode. We’re back on Karn where “The Night Of The Doctor” where a regeneration introduced us to John Hurt’s War Doctor. Good ole Doc tells his Sister that she needs to take care of the universe for him, because he’s put a lot of work into it, and she reminds him that, just like always, he’s going to get destroyed attempting to do something brave and silly in time. Like a few of the other prologues, this one seems fearful of actually treading on any part of the actual episode, so vague generalities and some fluffy banter are the order of the day.

The trailer for the first episode, The Magician’s Apprentice, is also available now.

It seems like we’re definitely getting some scenes on Karn, but also a gladiator fight, spoopy Pan’s Labyrinth hands, and of course a shiny new Dalek. Also, Capaldi in Ray Bans is somehow the most excited I’ve been for this show in a while. Last season didn’t seem to know what to do with Capaldi, but this proves they’ve at least figured out that Capaldi should be wearing Ray Bans to let everyone know he’s The Cool Doctor and that’s a strong choice I’m fully behind until two minutes after the episode ends when I’m positive I’ll be angry with Steven Moffat for ruining Ray Bans and my entire life. Again.


If someone in the comments would like to do the slowly lowering sunglasses gif onto either Moffat’s face or Capaldi’s, I’d very much appreciate it.


That said, this mini-prologue introduces the idea that The Doctor may be self-imposing an exile, while his Sister insists there’s nowhere to hide from your closest friend and your worst enemy, because people who care that much will always find you. The episode trailer has a shot of Missy and Clara together, which hopefully means we’re in for a female buddy road trip comedy as those two wacky girls try to track down a guy who feels ambiguous about both of them, and the interplanetary hi-jinks they encounter on the way.

Capaldi also made a statement recently that some fans consider an admission that his run might be already near the end, so an episode based around his last will and testament, set on a planet used for regeneration, doesn’t bode well for our favorite Scottish angryyellman.

What are your expectations, hopes, and dreams for this new season? (I’m just kidding. Let’s all share Hannibal gifs about how angry Moffat makes us because we aren’t allowed to have hope and dreams under his brutal reign.)

You can catch frustrated recaps and brutal nerd-rage throughout Doctor Who Season 9 by subscribing to the Laughing At Archaeologists podcast hosted by comedians Rye Silverman and Brock Wilbur.

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