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"Justified" — "Thick As Mud": "Things Might Get Weird."

By Joanna Robinson | TV | February 15, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | TV | February 15, 2012 |

Things We Learned:

  • Limehouse lied about the money and how much is left. So much for honor among thieves. His honor will not, however, allow for his henchmen to do away with Dickie. Thank god.

  • Speaking of honor among thieves, Arlo Givens is the kind of man who will rifle through your wallet before burying you. Boyd isn’t. Boyd Crowder is the kind of man who will give even his murder victims a poetic and loving eulogy. Mostly, I expect, because he likes the sound of his own voice.

  • Dewey Crowe gets to star in his own kidney’d version of Crank. He’s got four hours to lay his hands on $20,000 using nothing but his wits. So, that’s going to go well.

  • Raylan was in fine form this episode, cracking wise left and right. However, Deputy Marshall Rachel Brooks’ skeptical face was the real comedy. “Laurence Nightingale?” Please.

  • If you’re not on board with Ava and Boyd, there’s something wrong with you. They share physical and emotional scars, she’s an excellent ally and co-conspirator, and she wears fancy underthings. What more could you ask for?

  • Because this is a PG-13 show, Raylan asks Ash if he’s been “futzin’ with a man’s organs.” Enter Maggie Lawson (Juliet from “Psych”) looking adorable and acting fishy. I was holding out a tiny sliver of hope that she would be a new love interest for Raylan but, pursuant to the “Law & Order” Rule Of Crime Shows, if you recognize an actor early in the hour, they’re guaranteed to be the murderer.

  • Watching Boyd put the screws to one of Quarles associates (Ava’s doctor) was a delight. Who mentions jamcake in the same breath as a death threat on someone’s momma? Boyd Crowder that’s who. Also, thanks to Cousin Johnny, Boyd and his men literally roll up on another Quarles associate, Tanner.

  • Timothy Olyphant is approximately eleven feet tall. Or at least that’s how he appears next to Maggie Lawson. I’m as sorry to see her go as Raylan is.

  • Another fantastic Crowder showdown. This time with Quarles. The men swap quotations and barbed threats. But the very best moment of the night is the look on Neal McDonough’s face when Boyd says the word “Carpetbagger.” Temperatures plummeted in Harlan. Nonetheless, it was a good old fashioned charm-off complete with toothy grins (Boyd) and disingenuous winks (Quarles).

  • And lest we forget the third player in this game of Harlan Roulette, we get a scene with Limehouse and his Spy In The House Of Love. I’m pretty sure there can be only one winner in this game and all my money’s on Crowder.



  • Fancy Lance RN (Cause of Death: Layla “Cute As A Bucket Of Kittens” RN.)

  • Layla “Cute As A Bucket Of Kittens” RN (Cause of Death: Raylan, With The Gun, Through Fancy Lance RN, In The Bathtub.)

    Deputy Marshall Rachel Brooks and Deputy Marshall Tim Gutterson Line Count

  • Rachel=Once again, too many to count.
  • Tim=0

    Winona B*tchwatch

  • A “Dear John” Letter? Impressive move! Winona racks up 1,000 B*tch points and is well on her way to B*tch Of The Year.

    Favorite Lines:

  • “Son, I’ll ask you not to blaspheme in here.”

  • “You mean I had four kidneys?”

    The Gist: The most action-heavy and tight knit plot of the season so far. While I prefer Dickie Bennett to Dewey Crowe, actor Damon Herriman (he’s an Aussie!) made the most out of his much deserved episode. Crowe is always good for a laugh but those of you who have been complaining about the lack of Raylan ought to have been happy with all the Olyphant one-liners. Still, the highlight had to be McDonough and Goggins. That was some fancy and tense actressin’. I can’t wait for more.


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