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"Justified" Recap: I Know One Person Who's Excited For The Crowders To Get A Dairy Queen

By Joanna Robinson | TV | February 27, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | TV | February 27, 2013 |

Usually I dive right in to the recap but throughout this truly great episode, one song was playing in my head. So, iffin’ you’re so inclined, today’s recap comes with a soundtrack. Enjoy.

Things We Learned:

  • It doesn’t matter if you tried to kill him, Raylan still likes you better than his daddy. However, former Sheriff Hunter Mosley is not easily tempted to give up Drew Thompson. Despite Raylan doing his damndest to flirt with him.

  • Gerald Johns, Clover Hill sh*thead extraordinaire, has a boy who shines his shoes and one who mows his lawn and he sure is hoping Boyd will be the boy to take out his trash. What I want to know is who is responsible for keeping his dome so nice and shiny? That boy deserves a raise.

  • Listen, you can dope Arlo Givens and you can outweigh Arlo Givens, but you cannot out-scrap Arlo Givens. He went out fighting and, trust me, I’ll never look at a Barber’s comb jar the same way again.
    The way I figure it, Former Sheriff Hunter Mosley is working for Theo and, on his orders, silenced Arlo once and for all. The idea being that Theo has to get to Drew Thompson before the Marshals do. If that’s the case, and Mosley knows who Thompson is, why hasn’t he told Tonin? Alternatively, was Mosley working for Thompson himself?

  • Cousin Johnny’s been watching “Pretty Little Liars” again. Weird, I would have taken him for more of a “Bunheads” man. For those of y’all who don’t get ABC Family show references, I’m referring to Johnny’s I Know What You Did Last Summer blackmail maneuvers. What, you don’t get Jennifer Love Hewitt movie references either?

  • Assistant Principal Wynn Duffy? This is what it looks like when you’re about to get took. tumblr_mivpyyIFqp1r9pspzo5_1280.jpg

  • I’ll have more on Shelby later. TRUST ME. But I wanted to say how lovely Abby Miller was in this scene. Ellen May, it would appear, is clean and while she’s still hesitant, Miller did a beautiful job of showing that she’s not the rabbit she used to be.

  • Arlo Givens was a son of a bitch to the very end.

  • Why would Nicky Augustin back the man who got took when he could back the man who took him? Boyd’s in bed with and in debt to the Tonins. I think we all know this can’t go anywhere good.

  • And as some of you mentioned last week, the blow back is likely to fall on the pretty, shiny blonde head of Ava Crowder. Oh god I hope not. I love Joelle Carter. But between her fears that they’ll not live to see three generations (I mean, that’s also just science, but still) and their general lovey-doveyness, I’ve got a hollow pit in my stomach. Ava was so darling, flashing her engagement ring around on her finger for Raylan to see. While our Marshal hero won’t be nearly as destroyed as Boyd by Ava’s death, he obviously has a soft spot for her. I can’t imagine what kind of havoc those two could cause in pursuit of her killer. And, as Boyd pointed out, the only things bigger than Theo Tonin are God and the US Goverment. Anyone else have a Marshal stiffy?

    Carnage: *ahem, in Chronological order*

  • The Worst Bodyguard In History, Deke (Cause Of Death: The Dixie Mafia’s Button Man.)

  • Clover Hill’s Most Reluctant Swinger, Frank Browning (Cause Of Death: The Dixie Mafia’s Button Man.)

  • Shit Bag Drug Dealer, Anthony Russo (Cause Of Death: His Own Gun.)

  • Deputy Tim’s Possibly Gay, Definitely Troubled Army “Buddy,” Mark (Cause Of Death: Colt Being Kind Of A Dick, Actually.)

  • One Of Clover Hill’s More Enthusiastic Swingers, Sam Keener (Cause Of Death: The Dixie Mafia’s Button Man.)

  • The Dixie Mafia’s Button Man (Cause Of Death: Future Crowder Wedding Guest And Deputy U.S. Marshal, Raylan Givens Getting It Right.)

  • Arlo Givens (Cause Of Death: Being A Mean, Tough Son Of A B*tch…Sheared Through The Heart By Rosie Larson’s Dad.)

    Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks and Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson Line Count

  • Rachel=1
  • Tim=4
    Deputy Tim did not have much to do this episode except sit behind that glass partition and squint in Raylan’s general direction. But given what went down with his lover friend Mark, I think we all know where this is going.

    Favorite Lines:
    Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 7.47.18 AM.png

    “You still look like Ava Gardner.” —Raylan, that charmer.

    Who The H&*$ Is Drew Thompson?!: My impression of Sheriff Shelby this episode “Uh, well, ah, you know, pretend to be someone else long enough you can, uh, convince yourself…HEY…hey Marshals…hey who are you investigatin’? What are you thinkin’? Have you thought about those Clover Hill guys over there? THEY sure seem guilty and, what’s that? Drew Thompson’s widow? WHERE IS SHE SO I CAN KILL HER?!”

    Yeah, at this point I stopped hearing Elton John songs and the Anvil Chorus started to play. Either Shelby is unmistakably Drew or, and this would be my preference, this was a massive red herring. It was just so obvious. Either way, Eve Munro? You’re in danger, girl.

    The Gist: Ah, but we know that buried underneath all the double, triple crosses and red herrings and six dead bodies lies the most important thing. That seventh body. Arlo Givens. Raymond Barry has done an excellent job with this character and he will be deeply missed. The way his death played out this episode and, above all else, the way Olyphant acted the sh*t out of Raylan’s reaction? Well, somewhere between gif 2 and gif 3 in this collection is where I decided I wanted Tim to get the Emmy this year.

    Arlo will continue to haunt Raylan long after his death. I’ve heard some theories that Drew Thompson must be Raylan’s real father and, begging your pardon, but that’s utter horsesh*t. Raylan’s criminal roots are what make him such a compelling and compellingly damaged hero. Arlo may be gone, but the wounds he caused? Those won’t ever heal.

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