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"Justified" — "Measures": That Bear Poked Me

By Joanna Robinson | TV | March 28, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | TV | March 28, 2012 |

Things We Learned:

  • Quarles looks like he shits blonde. (And eats crazy, but that’s besides the point.)

  • Let’s just assume any female witness to a Givens shooting is unusable, shall we?

  • A few weeks back, Seth and I decided there should be a “Justified” Bechdel test that measures every time Deputies Tim and Rachel talked to each other about something other than Raylan. Lookie here!

  • As good as Quarles is at intimidating, seducing and manipulating people, he has no idea when he’s pushed someone too far. Like some sort of badassperger’s.

  • I could listen to Art’s stories of being a New York beat cop all day long. Also, dear internet, thank you kindly for this gif. If it’s not too much to ask, could you send me one of Deputy Tim eating string cheese? Much obliged.

  • If some sharp-dressed madman beats you to death with your own katana scabbard, have the decency not to bleed on him. That would be a d*ck a move.

  • This guy should have stuck with vanilla. Question. Which was more impressive? Rachel’s kick or Tim’s stealthy entrance? I have to say, this time, advantage Brooks.

  • First of all, Ellen May is looking much better under the protection of Ava. Secondly, she’s still dumber than a bag of hammers if she thinks she’ll ever been “Queen” of Dickie’s empire. In her world she’s Ava and he’s Boyd and that little bit of self-delusion just about breaks my heart.

  • Michael Ironside is scary but that story about Theo Tonin’s pocket ear is scarier.

  • Quarles looks like a Husky dog.

  • Donovan lives! With three random henchmen in the mix this week I named them “Guido In A Black Suit” (Sarno’s) “Guido In The Red Shirt” (Wynn’s) and “Greaser Boy” (Boyd’s). Red shirt was my fav.
    red shirt.jpg

  • Quarles looks like Steve McQueen. (One of Ava’s girls has seen Papillon? I knew Ava would run a classy joint.)

  • Of all the pieces that have been skittering around the chess board this season, none have met with such delightfully veiled menace as Boyd Crowder and Wynn Duffy.


  • Sh*tbag Drug Dealer #1 (Cause of Death: The vengeful ghost of Togo…and Quarles’ rail gun.)

  • Sh*tbag Drug Dealer #2 (Cause of Death: The vengeful ghost of Togo…and his own scabbard.)

    Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks and Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson Line Count

  • Rachel = 9!
  • Tim= 7!

    Favorite Lines:

  • “You can’t have the Duffy without the ‘Wynn.’”

  • “Just cause we shot the guy who’s looking to kill the guy that you’re just dying to see dead?”

    The Gist: After last week’s powerhouse of crazy, this episode is a bit of a come down. But I trust that Yost & co. are ratcheting up the tension for a slam bang season finale. We’ve been talking a lot this season about power moves and brokering. (The plot actually bears a pretty close resemblance to the upcoming season of “Game Of Thrones.” We’ll can call this “The War Of Five Kingpins” instead.) But behind the ever shuffling players lies the deeper connective tissue that make “Justified” such an unforgettable show. From the shared experience (everyone knows Limehouse doesn’t keep his money under the church!) to the families that we build when we don’t like the ones we’re born into, the characters on this show are linked by more than circumstance and weekly plots. Art’s presence this episode was extremely welcome. Both his parental demeanor and his sarcastic reminder to Raylan that, in his effort to be the smartest ass in the room he missed the point about Theo Tonin’s men, help humanize and humble Raylan in a way the Winona character never could. Similarly, the Crowder crew are their own little family, Arlo, Ava and Johnny each vying for attention and prominence in their own way. But the sticky web of this universe is tenuous at best and the writers have been planting bombs all season. Someone’s about to set it off, and his initials might just be Boyd Crowder.

    Self-Indulgent Aside: While watching Fried Green Tomatoes for the eleventy billionth time over the weekend (which is my right, as a woman), I finally realized that wife-beater, Klan-member and general no-account scoundrel Frank Bennett is played by none other than Nick Searcy. Suffice it to say, it was hard for me to scream my usual TOWANDA at everyone’s favorite telephone book wielding father figure.

    But I did it anyway, because Holy Jesus did Frank Bennett need to die. I think we all know that’s not the only Fried Green Tomatoes reference “Justified” has going this year. Happy end of season, folks, it’s hog boilin’ time.

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