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Jon Stewart Obliterates CNN and MSNBC

By Dustin Rowles | TV | April 7, 2023 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | April 7, 2023 |


I didn’t know much about Tennessee politics until recently when we all discovered that their Republican supermajority hates drag shows (and therefore joy). Still, they’re not terribly concerned about children being killed by gun violence. This week, three Democrats joined protestors who actually don’t want children to be killed by AR-15s, and the Republicans decided to expel them. Ultimately, they only expelled two of them — the two young Black state reps — but came short when it came to the 60-year-old white woman. Hmmm. Weird.

Having seen Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson make the rounds on social media last night, however, I feel like Tennessee Republicans messed up. The Justins are amazing, and Tennessee Republicans just gave them a huge platform, and their voters will almost certainly reelect them in the special elections required to fill their seats. The Tennessee GOP lit a match, and now they’re going to watch their party burn.

I hate that this is happening, but this is the story that the media should be talking about. This should be the top story in every newspaper and on every cable news network. Donald Trump getting off his plane or giving a speech where he repeats the same fabricated grievances should not be. This is how Donald Trump won the election in 2016. The media was complicit, and they have an opportunity to avoid repeating the same mistake, but they just can’t help themselves. We do not care, and I hope that the ratings and clicks reflect that.

This is not all on Fox News, either. As Jon Stewart noted on the season finale of his podcast, this is on MSNBC and CNN, too, for hyping something that did not warrant hyping and then getting sad when protestors didn’t incite violence or Donald Trump didn’t bust out of his suit and Spider-Man his way through Manhattan.

“Oh, were you disappointed, were you depressed?” Stewart asked. “Here’s why: Because you treated this like the final confrontation with Thanos and then it actually just played out like what it was, a boring-as-shit legal procedure at the very beginning of what will be a long, drawn-out, laborious legal process because … law is boring as shit.”

“Please continue being let down by the expectations that you motherf**kers created … Only our media, those cloistered, short attention span, own-ass-spelunking ‘defenders of democracy,’ find a president paying hush money to a Playboy model and an adult film star, and then cooking the books to help himself win an election, underwhelming and boring.”

“Epic f**king media fail!”

It’s good to have Stewart back. And here is your Moment of Zen.