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'iZombie' Season 2 Finale: It's The Rob Thomas-iest Time Of The Year!

By Emily Cutler | TV | April 15, 2016 |

By Emily Cutler | TV | April 15, 2016 |

iZombie just finished up season 2 on Tuesday, but has luckily(!) been renewed for a third seasons. And before anyone wants to complain about how iZombie isn’t a good show, shove it. It’s fun and funny and Liv Moore is a cheesy, range-busting protagonist who seems to have as much fun playing the role as we have watching it. Also Ravi is there.

Ravi gif.gif

Oh, we know.

But in addition to being gory, glorious fun it’s the only place to get your Rob Thomas (no, not that one) fix given the untimely demise of Veronica Mars and Party Down(RIP). And this week did not disappoint. Thomas loves revisiting his own work to mine for comedy gold in all of the inside jokes. But this time he really out did himself. He gave us what is without a doubt the Rob Thomas-iest week of the year, and we should be eternally grateful. Enjoy!

Cater Waiters

Cater Waiter 1 (2).jpg
Cater Waiter 2 (2).png

I had no idea anyone in the world liked catering jokes as much as I do (I catered in college), but I’m so thrilled Thomas does. You keep making sterno and chaffer jokes, RT. And I will continue delighting in them.

So Many Old Friends
Andrea Savage.jpg

After putting Keith Mars Enrico Colantoni in an episode arc earlier this season, Thomas brought back Andrea Savage as the delightfully bitchy CEO of a Blackwater-type private military company. Why isn’t she in everything?

Terrible Puns

Veronica Mars might have feigned interest in a giant stuffed teddy that said “I love you beary much,” but I’m convinced Rob Thomas himself actually loves puns. This is some of his better work.

Rob Thomas Maybe?

Rob Thomas Maybe.png

I haven’t been able to confirm, but I’d be willing to bet my left nut that the caterer in this scene is Rob Thomas. If it isn’t, it totally should be.

Not iZombie News, But Still Thomas-y
Kristen Bell and Ken Marino.jpg

Remember when Ken Marino played bumbling detective Vinnie Van Lowe on Veronica Mars? And Ronnie was our badass, teenage PI who kept showing him up? On this week’s episode of House of Lies (yep, still on the air) they made out. I’ve got a lot of feelings about that.

Double Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas (2).jpg

It’s happening! It’s happening! This is not a drill, people! We have double Rob Thomases! Rob Thomasi! We’ve got two fucking people named Rob Thomas! AHHHHHHH!

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Fun Yet.png

Always, RT. Always.