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It's OK To Squee At This 'Doctor Who' Preview

By Hannah Sole | TV | December 10, 2017 |

By Hannah Sole | TV | December 10, 2017 |

And so, Capaldi’s time as the Doctor draws to an end, but there’s one more outing still to come for Twelve… and I’ll admit, I got a little over-excited when I first saw this sneak peek. We’ve already seen David Bradley as the first Doctor, but this preview gave us a few more glimpses into this year’s Christmas special:

Epic battles! Explosions! A final outing for the much maligned sonic sunglasses (may they never darken a Doctor’s brow again)! The regeneration! But most of all, BILL! But didn’t she kind-of-but-somehow-not-really die? I hear you ask. Fear not, Whovians, here’s a quick re-cap of where we left everyone at the end of the last series, which I totally remembered and didn’t need to look up.

Twelve was fighting off an imminent regeneration, leaking energy all over the place. That’s when he bumped into the first Doctor, who seemed to be going through something similar. (They never want to go, huh?) Bill had been turned into Cyber-Bill, but hadn’t lost herself, then she was kind of saved by the Pilot/Soggy Heather because LOVE SAVES THE DAY and they left to travel the universe together. Missy had been killed by the Master, and Nardole was stranded with a bunch of “smelly humans”, presumably forever. Here’s a catch up if you need to do some studying to prepare.

Christmas specials tend to be on the cheesier side, with festive jokes desperately shoe-horned in (remember the murderous Christmas trees? The planet Christmas? Nick Frost as Santa?), but the most festive things I can spot so far are snow and a little nod to Twelve being like the Ghost of Christmas Future. So here’s hoping it’s not too tinselly this year.

And please let Bill’s role be more than a cameo!


UK folk: it’s on BBC1 at 5:30 on Christmas Day.

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