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It's a Charlie Day Day on "Saturday Night Live"

By Dustin Rowles | TV | November 6, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | November 6, 2011 |

Before “SNL” aired, I was bouncing off the walls excited that Charlie Day would be hosting, under the assumption that Charlie Day is so inherently funny that not even “SNL could mess that up. I was wrong, and it’s hard to argue that it was Charlie Day’s fault. After a fantastic monologue (with Danny Devito), Day was underused and misused, which is typical of “SNL” when they have lesser known hosts. Day was a supporting character all night (except for the last two skits); in fact, Adam Levine had nearly as much screen time as Charlie Day in the first half of the show.

The monologue, however, was great. It’s a Charlie Day Day.

I’m going to include all of last night’s skits in today’s highlights, if only to demonstrate how badly Charlie Day was utilized. However, with the exception of Crime Scene and Comedy Tour (plus the Weekend Update highlights), I wouldn’t recommend watching any of the rest, unless you’re curious about how poorly utilized Charlie Day was.

Charlie Day played the minor role of divorce attorney in this spectacularly unfunny Kardashian Divorce Special.

In Ask Dr. Oz (also not very funny), Day played a guy with a dead rectum, but he was the target of most of the “humor” and not the source.

He was well cast as Dionysus in the Greek Gods skit (one of the better ones last night), but he only comes in at the end.

Charlie Day didn’t even have a speaking part in Getting Freaky with Cee Lo; he just moved around in a weird costume. The skit wasn’t very good, either, with the exception of a few good Cee Lo insults (“I look like the baby of Elton John and a thumb.”)

My favorite skit of the night, Comedy Tour 2, was my favorite mostly because of Seth Meyers’ Boston Powers, the Boston version of Austin Powers. This one is actually worth watching, even though Charlie Day is barely in it and he gets the worst catchphrase.

Charlie Day was the star of the Dolphin Movie skit, but it was dreadful.

Finally, here’s Crime Scene, not the greatest skit of the night, but the best “Charlie Day” performance.

The Weekend Update headlines were pretty good, but probably my favorite segment in last night’s show — Seth Meyers explaining the Greek debt crisis — hasn’t been made available for embed.

Oh, and here’s Bill Hader’s Rick Perry on “Weekend Update.” Terrible, terrible Rick Perry impression (he’s closer to Stefon than Rick Perry) but nevertheless one of last night’s few highlights.

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