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Is Zack Snyder Trying to Hijack 'The Witcher' Coverage? Because It Sure Seems like It

By Mike Redmond | TV | December 12, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | TV | December 12, 2019 |


So first things first, because I don’t want this item to get lost in the mix. Here’s the final trailer for The Witcher, which continues to look better and better the more I see of it. Netflix is clearly banking on the series becoming its Game of Thrones, and while it seems like the show will fall short on the epic battlefield front — don’t expect a Battle of the Bastards — its close-quarter combat and monster skirmishes look pretty dope, which is where The Witcher books have always shined. You do not want to f*ck with Geralt.

Speaking of the books, I’m almost finished with Blood of Elves, which is the first proper novel of “The Witcher Saga” that I didn’t think the show would touch until the second season. (Early reports suggested season one would stick to the short story collections.) But I’m definitely seeing significant chunks of Blood of Elves in this new footage. If that’s the case, the series is going balls out to steep viewers in The Witcher lore, so I’m very interested to see if it will take off with GoT fans.

Obviously, today is a pretty big day for Henry Cavill, who’s working his ass off to promote The Witcher. A new trailer drop is no small thing. However, throughout the promotional tour, Cavill can’t seem to escape questions about #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, and he’s made it clear in no uncertain terms that he wants to leave that shit in the past. By that shit I mean Justice League, which he’s also flat out said didn’t work and has left him fighting tooth and nail to play Superman again. The film screwed him good, so no wonder Cavill has no interest in revisiting a honking turd that not only cost him a dream role but he still has to talk about it while trying to promote another passion project that’s been several years in the making. I mean, Christ, here he is flat out saying he’s never seen the Snyder Cut and basically denying that it even exists.

So what does Zack Snyder do on the exact same day a new trailer for The Witcher drops? This bullshit.

If this all seems familiar, Snyder pulled a similar move just last week when he posted a photo of film canisters marked “Justice League Directors Cut” in the middle of Warner Bros. unveiling a new poster for Birds of Prey. Seriously, what the hell is this guy doing? Henry Cavill made it crystal f*cking clear that he wants to leave Justice League in the past and focus on the future of not just Superman, but also his Netflix series that debuts next week, which a ton of people have poured their hard work and creativity into. Clearly, that means jackshit to Snyder who seems hell-bent on spamming his mythical cut at every opportunity, which is an absolute dick move not just in its jarring lack of professional courtesy but in the gaping pain in the ass it causes for everyone who has to deal with his toxic fanbase. He has to know what fresh hell he’s unleashing every time he wheels this puppy out. He’s practically counting on it.

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