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I'm Not The Bad Guy Here!

By Cindy Davis | TV | May 21, 2010 |

By Cindy Davis | TV | May 21, 2010 |

Jack got himself all Iron Manned up this week. I wonder if he’s trying to get in on that franchise - after all, he and Robert Downey Jr. came up through the ranks together. But Jack, man! You got the Walmart version of the suit; if you didn’t have that huge gun they might have been laughing at your Halloween costume. Next time go big. Get yourself invited to a Favreau shindig, pull one of your Oh-that’s-just-Kiefer-throwing-back-a-few-and-having-fun-again stunts, and you’ll be the next Mickey Rourke! Oh and take Gregory Itzin with you, that man is a national treasure.

Logan is watching the news yet again, adjusting his tie as President Taylor’s press secretary announces the former president’s involvement in the peace process. He smiles his Grinchy smile. An advisor alerts Logan that his transportation to the helipad is almost ready and that Russian President Suvarov’s plane is near touchdown. Jason phones to give Logan the news that Jack is missing and Pavel is dead. He warns Logan that their attempts to contain everything won’t matter if Jack has passed on Starbuck’s evidence to the press. Jason informs Logan that Jack went beyond just killing - he eviscerated Pavel, but Logan still has a deluded idea that Jason can stop Jack just like the Grinch thought he could stop Christmas.

Jack and Meredeth Reed walk and talk, Mr. Blonde trails them. Mr. Blonde lets Jack know he needs equipment back at his place to trace the phone number on Pavel’s phone. Jack tries again to explain to Meredeth the entire situation with the cover-up, and he says he needs Meredeth to break the story in case he doesn’t make it. Jack takes Meredeth’s phone and destroys it, tells her she’s in danger after having met with him and asks if there is anyone she trusts. Meredeth tells Jack she can confide in her editor, so she’ll call him from a pay phone and then Jack will leave her to her own devices.

President Taylor and Dalia Hassan have agreed to their peace agreement terms. Logan interrupts the two women and President Taylor introduces him to Mrs. Hassan. Logan says a few polite words about President Hassan and then asks to speak with the President alone. Mrs. Hassan walks away with Jamot, inquiring whether he found out how Logan convinced the Russians to come back to the table. Logan apprises President Taylor of Jack having escaped with the evidence and making contact with Meredeth Reed. Logan tries to convince President Taylor to contact Reed’s publisher to shut down the story. The President is duly horrified and clearly wondering how she got herself into this mess. (Come on now lady! You rub up against the Grinch, you’re gonna get some green on you.) Logan recommends she invoke national security to get the story stopped and cautions President Taylor on the consequences if she doesn’t do what she needs to do. When she expresses regret on ever trusting Logan, calling him “poison”, he snidely reminds the President that she is the one who made all the decisions. Logan leaves her with a statement that he trusts her to do the right thing; he’s off to meet President Suvarov. President Taylor’s expression reveals that she knows she is trapped like a rat.

Arlo shows Chloe video shots of Pavel’s death scene and Chloe recognizes the gun description as the one that shot Renee. It’s amazing the things that Chloe has caught watching video. Chloe thinks she’s figured out that Jack’s contact is Mr. Blonde (who was in the Gulf war with Jack) and even though Arlo says Mr. Blonde is dead, Chloe is convinced he’s living under an alias. Silly Arlo, Chloe is almost always correct.

Jack hears from Mr. Blonde, who is upset he wasn’t told he was tracing Logan’s phone. Mr. Blonde warns Jack against going after a former president, but he still gives Jack Logan’s location and route - Logan’s traveling by vehicle. Mr. Blonde says there’s no coming back from the path Jack is on and Jack replies that he didn’t plan on coming back. I guess Jack has once again forgotten all about his daughter and little Kimlet because he’s SO MAD about his one time piece of ass, Renee. Jack thanks Mr. Blonde and takes off in another stolen SUV, duffel full of equipment loaded alongside boxes of bananas. (Should I make a bad joke about no monkey business here?)

An aide delivers pills and water to President Taylor to help with her headache. Oh honey, that won’t help with Logan at all! Tim Woods arrives and the President lets him know that Meredeth Reed is planning to publish an unfounded story that could derail the peace process. She orders Tim to have the FBI raid Meredeth’s publisher’s offices and seize any purported evidence. When Tim asks why and warns her against censoring the press, President Taylor strongly advises him to just do as she asked.

Jack parks his bananas and heads off on foot with his pack of gear. Outside a nearby building, he asks some smokers where the drop off/receiving area is and gets directed.

Meredeth calls her editor Gary Klausner (Thomas Ryan) and passes on some information, including that she received evidence from Jack. She tells him it isn’t safe for her to talk and asks him to meet her.

In a private area, Jack quickly unpacks his duffel. He holds up and stares a moment at a creepy, black mask.

Novakovich calls Logan and expresses his anger and worry over Pavel’s violent death and the possibility that Jack is coming after him. Logan tries to reassure the Russian minister with news that CTU has orders to shoot Jack on sight. Novakovich doesn’t seem heartened and with the way things have been going for the bad guys, I can’t blame him.

As Logan’s vehicle heads toward his destination via the Park Avenue tunnel, the fully body-armored Iron Jack starts shooting at the tires of vehicles in front of Logan’s, causing his limo to be trapped. The Secret Service detail tries to defend the vehicle as Logan cowers and screeches that it’s Jack Bauer; Logan’s men remind him the glass is bullet-proof. Iron Jack shoots to wound everyone in his path and makes his way to Logan’s vehicle. Logan cries out to his driver to kill Jack, but Iron Jack jumps onto the limo hood and repeatedly fires his weapon, until he finally weakens the windshield so much he can kick a hole through it. Iron Jack drops in a canister of tear gas, forcing the former president out of the car, choking and sputtering. Iron Jack grabs Logan by his jacket and orders Logan to stand up or he will kill him on the spot. Logan stands and Iron Jack drags him to a doorway inside the tunnel. Iron Jack shoots off a lock and walks Logan through the entry.

Of course Arlo finds out and informs Chloe that she was right about Mr. Blonde - he’s living in New York under an assumed name. Just then a team of agents runs through and Chloe asks what’s going on. One of the agents informs her that Logan was kidnapped by Jack. Chloe tells Arlo she needs to hear what’s going on in the other room with Eden. Jason’s in contact with Eden, asking what happened and she informs him of the tear gas attack. Jason idiotically runs up to one of Logan’s security men and asks where Jack took Logan, but the choking agent couldn’t say anything even if he knew. After asking the remaining agents if they saw anything, Jason spies the broken lock. He alerts Eden that Jack took Logan through an underground service area and tells her to send him the schematics as he and a team head after Jack. Chloe, who’s plugged into Eden’s communications, hears Jason order that Jack be shot dead on sight. Meanwhile, Jack pushes Logan up against a wall and starts demanding answers about who killed Renee. Logan whimpers and stammers through his story, blubbering that he had nothing to do with the terrorist attack or Renee’s death; he was brought in after that happened. A desperate Logan proclaims, “I’m not the bad guy here!” Jack threatens to kill Logan in five seconds if he doesn’t give Jack a name, and Logan cries out “Mikhail Novakovich!” Logan begs Jack to check Pavel’s phone to see the calls, claiming there are a dozen from Novakovich. Jack hears people approaching and grabs Logan, covering his mouth and warning him to keep quiet. Logan begs for his life and Jack says if he wanted Logan dead he would already be dead. He chokes out Logan and takes off, unseen. Jason finds Logan moments later and calls in to Eden to report. Arlo and Chloe are following the action and Arlo wants to know who they’re going to send out after Jack, since Jason has all the CTU agents out already. Chloe says there is one person they can send.

Eden follows Chloe down a hallway and demands to know how and why Chloe got Ortiz released by division. Chloe bluffs that she needs Ortiz for UN security, since he is the person who designed the operation and she has no one else. Eden threatens that she has to clear the release with Jason, and Chloe tells her to go ahead but that Eden has bigger problems, like not finding Jack.

Meredeth is waiting at a diner for her boss when a waiter approaches and tell her she has a phone call. It’s her boss, Gary, and he tells her the FBI is at the office looking for her and that she’d better get out of the area and lay low.

Chloe goes to get Ortiz released; she informs him she needs his help with the UN mission. When Ortiz wonders if his release is okay with Jason, she reminds him that she’s still in charge of CTU. They make it to the hallway and Chloe relates what’s really going on with Jack and asks Ortiz to contact Mr. Blonde to try to find Jack.

Novakovich is advised that President Suvarov’s plane has touched down, and Novakovich tells his aide to have his driver bring the car around so Novakovich can head to the UN. The aide calls the driver who prepares to leave, but before he can get in his car, Jack attacks. Jack demands the driver hand over his elevator and building access card, but the driver doesn’t have one. He does have information on guards though, and gives that up easily. Jack knocks the driver out and heads toward the elevator, shooting two guards along the way and swiping a card from one of them. As Jack prepares to enter the elevator, one of the men he attacked jumps up and tries to stop Jack, stabbing him and even drawing some blood. But Jack turns the knife on the guard, stabs him a few times until he falls again, then Jack heads into the elevator, inspecting his wound.

Ortiz loads up the trunk of his vehicle with an arsenal and tells Chloe he can’t worry about Jack anymore, after what Jack did to Logan. Ortiz lists off some of the things Jack has done and says Jack is only out for revenge. Chloe asserts that they’re trying to expose the cover-up, not save Jack. When Ortiz asks if she’s sure, advising her that if Jack makes any move other than complete surrender, Ortiz will put Jack down, she glumly confirms.

An aide speaks with Kayla Hassan about being seated next to her mother at the peace agreement signing. Another aide interrupts to advise Kayla about a call from a woman insisting to speak with Mrs. Hassan. Kayla takes the call, says she remembers Meredeth and threatens to hang up, but Meredeth keeps her on the line with talk of the Russians being in on her father’s murder. Meredeth says she has to go, paranoid that she’s being followed and watched, but she gives Kayla her telephone number for Mrs. Hassan. As soon as she hangs up and tries to leave, Meredeth is arrested by the FBI. Tim Woods advises President Taylor that Meredeth is in custody and a data card was recovered. The President instructs Tim that no one sees what’s on the card, but her. Hopefully Meredeth (or Jack) was smart enough to have a dummy card.

Logan is put on a stretcher, but before he’s taken away he tells Jason that Jack is after Novakovich. Jason tries the minister’s cell phone, but he’s too late. The camera pans over bodies on a floor. A bleeding man drags himself over to Novakovich’s (pokered!) dead body to answer the ringing phone. The guard tells Jason that Jack came in shooting, Novakovich is dead, everyone is dead. He also lets Jason know that Jack was bleeding. Jason informs Logan that Novakovich is dead and Logan begins pulling out his medical attachments.

President Suvarov (Nick Jameson) is in a limousine, on his way to the peace agreement signing when he receives a call from Logan. Logan tells Suvarov that Jack killed Novakovich. Logan admits to having steered Jack toward Novakovich (like sacrificing a rook for a king) and says that the trail ended with Novakovich. When Logan informs him that Jack was wounded, the President tells Logan that a wounded animal is dangerous. Logan replies that if President Suvarov was so worried he shouldn’t have ordered Renee’s murder; Suvarov turns it around, saying that he wouldn’t have bothered with Renee if he’d known Logan was going to blackmail him into rejoining the peace agreement. Logan explains that he needed an opportunity to get himself “back in the game”. Nice full admissions of guilt there boys! As the two are planning to meet up at the UN, the camera zooms in on a tiny device attached to Logan’s shirt collar. It’s a bug! And Jack is listening to the whole conversation; he heads out again, leaving behind a trail of blood. We’re down to our last few beeps.

For your Enhanced Recap Experience (ERE), please open this link in a new tab and listen to the music while reading the final paragraph.

Will Jason kill Jack? Will a random Russian kill Jack? Will Ortiz kill Jack? Will Chloe kill Jack? Will Tony come back and kill Jack? WILL JACK DIE? For these answers and more, please stay tuned to Pajiba until the next recap of As Jack’s World Turns.

Cindy is holed up in a bunker in the northeast sector of the country, and that’s all you need to know. You can reach Cindy

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