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Hey Loaded Game of Thrones Fans: You Can Now Buy Riverrun

By Kate Hudson | TV | April 14, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | TV | April 14, 2019 |


Friends, for those of you with enough disposable income who watch Game of Thrones and think to yourself: “self, I’d like to buy me one of them-there castles for me and my kin” (I’m presuming that you are a Texan oil tycoon. Am I wrong, here?) today is your lucky day, because Riverrun is up for sale.

As a reminder to those of you who don’t watch Game of Thrones or remember castles from a few seasons back, Riverrun is where Catelyn Stark grew up. It’s the seat of House Tully, which I’m pretty sure has been decimated, but I’d rather not fact check that so you have something to argue about in the comments.

Yes, according to, Riverrun is up for sale for the cool asking price of $656,452. (Don’t ask trying to pay in smiles and compliments. I’ve tried that at my oil change place and it never goes over well.)

The castle, which is located in Northern Ireland, has been split into luxury accommodation since undergoing renovations in the mid-2000s. So that means the price is for some of the apartments in the castle, and not the whole kit and caboodle. I mean, are you surprised? $600k can’t even get you a condo in my neighborhood in LA, you think it can get you a whole castle in Northern Ireland?!

Anyway, the listing is for 6 luxury residence, with 15 bedrooms totaling between them. Not a shabby deal for the asking price—just think, if you’re a rich eccentric sort, you could sleep in a different bedroom every night for over 2 weeks and never have to repeat a room. Now that’s what I call living large!

If you have the money and owning a castle seems like your bag, you can check out details here.

Also, if owning a castle and having a mouthy American broad named Kate Hudson hanging out in your castle, making wisecracks, and living rent-free for as long as she (and her cats and dog, and complete Fear Street collection) want sounds fun—then friend, you know where to find me.

Game of Thrones returns tonight on HBO, but come on, if you cared you already knew that. If you don’t care and are reading this article because you’re intrigued about owning a castle, seriously, let me know how you want to structure this Kimmy Gibbler type of arrangement. I’ll be waiting, friend.

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