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'Supernatural' Finally Reveals The Next Trick Up Its Sleeve - And It's A Doozy

By Tori Preston | TV | December 11, 2017 |

By Tori Preston | TV | December 11, 2017 |

Look, I’ve held off on writing about the best show on television for months now. It came back for its thirteenth (THIRTEENTH!) season, and I let it slide. Because I know that if you aren’t watching it already, you probably aren’t going to start at this stage of the game — and if you are watching, then what the hell do you need me for? There’s real live human scum I could be yelling about instead.

But I am a simple creature with simple pleasures, and after watching Supernatural’s midseason finale, I thought it was high time we took a moment to talk about what the fuck is going on. Because the show finally got around to revealing its next bit of world-building — and I’m kinda impressed.

The road so far: up until this season, Supernatural had concerned itself primarily with events on this earthly plane of existence, with characters periodically landing in Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory as the story grew from “Pair Of Hot Brothers Hunt Monsters” to “Pair Of Hot Brothers Combat Forces Of Biblical Proportions.” It’s mind-boggling to think back on the first few seasons and remember that while demons were always a keystone of the plot (the Yellow Eyed Demon killed Mary Winchester, remember), Sam and Dean spent most of their time battling ghosts, shapeshifters, and wendigos. But if demons exist, then surely there are angels too — and thus the world of the Winchesters began its expansion.


Over the years they befriended an angel AND a demon. They fought the Four Horsemen. They faced Lucifer and Michael, and Metatron, and Cain, and even met God (only to realize they’d sorta always known him) and God’s sister, The Darkness (shit gets weird, ok?). They travelled through time and stopped like 10 apocalypses and cheated death (a lot!) and got possessed and… you get the point. A lot has happened. One of the joys of watching as a longtime fan is seeing Supernatural contrive new insane ways to hurdle over whatever plot wall it had seemingly painted itself into. But like I said, it was primarily centered around a single reality.

That all changed at the end of last season with the birth of Lucifer’s son, a powerful nephilim/possible Antichrist. The event tore a hole in the fabric of reality into an alternate dimension ravaged by an angelic war. Technically this was the introduction of a real multiverse into the show, and the current quest is to get back there to save Mary (oh, right, their dead mom is alive again because God and his sister decided to thank the Winchester boys in the fucking weirdest way possible, and now she’s stuck with Lucifer on the other side of that rip BECAUSE REASONS).

But the multiverse has been on pause most of this season, as the show has instead focused on the brothers raising Lucifer’s son, Jack (who, FYI, is already a teenager). To complicate matters, there’s also that upcoming backdoor pilot for the potential Wayward Sisters spinoff, which would focus on a group of female hunters led by motherfucking badass Sheriff Jody Mills. Every time the show introduced a new young female character with unique powers, it was obviously to set up that spinoff and was ultimately kind of distracting (not complaining — the world of Supernatural could use a few more women).

Last week’s midseason finale finally pulled all the various threads together into one helluva cliffhanger. Jack proved once and for all that he may be able to forge his own not-evil destiny and fight for good, because it turns out he’s been doing his own research to try and save Mary. What he needed was a dreamwalker (special powers, whatever) who could help direct his own portal-opening powers, and he found one in a troubled (“wayward”?) a young girl named Kaia.

The trouble is that Kaia has only ever been able to dreamwalk to “The Bad Place” — which is either an homage to The Good Place’s version of Hell or a reference to a Dean Koontz novel with the craziest plot synopsis EVER. Her version of The Bad Place is a world inhabited by something scary enough to cover her body in huge claw marks.

You can tell where this is going, right?

Jack and Kaia attempt to take Sam and Dean on a little cross-reality excursion to find Mary, and then shit goes sideways. Jack winds up at Mary’s feet. Kaia ends up in a ditch on the side of the road somewhere. And the Winchester boys land in The Bad Place… where they climb out of a GIANT FOOTPRINT.


Is… is Supernatural adding fucking dinosaurs to the mix? A full-on monster planet to hunt? After years of flipping through the Bible to find inspiration, have the writers discovered Kaiju?

The show will return from its winter break with that backdoor pilot episode, because this time it’s not the Winchesters who will be doing the saving. They’ll be getting their asses saved… by women.

But more importantly: GIANT MONSTERS. If this is the way the Winchesters will go back to hunting basics, I’m ready for it!

Tori Preston is the managing editor of Pajiba. She tweets here. You can also listen to her weekly TV podcast, Podjiba.

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