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Happy Season 2 Trailer (1).png

'Happy!' Season 2 Is The Best Show On TV (And It Hasn't Even Started Yet)

By Tori Preston | TV | January 17, 2019 |

By Tori Preston | TV | January 17, 2019 |

Happy Season 2 Trailer (1).png

Just a reminder: That John Wick Chapter 3: All Dogs Go To Keanu trailer hasn’t exactly cornered the market on crazy-cool action for the week. In fact, it’s got some fairly stiff competition… in the form of this trailer for the second season of Syfy’s Chris Meloni Emmy reel, Happy!

Did you notice how Dustin didn’t push through an overall Top Ten Best TV Shows of 2018 last month? It’s probably because he didn’t want to have to write ten different blurbs for the first season of Happy! (which, yes, actually started airing in December of 2017, but even solely ranking it based on the half that landed in 2018 would have trounced, like, robots or spies or sad families or whatever. I dunno, I mostly watch cartoons). ANYWAY, this season the show is going off-book, and by that I mean it’s already used up all the source material in the original Grant Morrison graphic novel and is now taking its characters on a completely different madcap holiday adventure: to “Make Easter Great Again.”

(Don’t worry, I imagine that’s about as on-the-nose political as the show is gonna get)

Crank’s Brian Taylor continues to guide the vision of the series, but it’s the unlikely partnership between Meloni’s ex-cop/ex-con/ex-addict(???) Nick Sax and his imaginary flying horse pal Happy (Patton Oswalt) that provides the heart. But not, like, a soft fuzzy lovey heart. Think more like a “what’s that thumping under the floorboards?” creepy heart, made of friendship and delusions! Nick is trying to be a good father to Hailey, or at least a father to her, but old habits die hard — and there are still some very bad plots afoot, thanks to season one creeps like Smoothie and Sonny Shine.

Does Nick chug a bottle of liquor called “Jus de Jesus”? Does Happy take an imaginary leak in a sink? Is there a dude with no skin hanging on wires, and weird bondage bunnies, and lots of punching? Has Mere taken the “yarn-wall” concept to a whole other level? Is there dick art? IS THAT ANN-MARGRET?!

Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. The show returns on March 27th, which is a month and a half before John Wick Chapter 3, but Dan put an idea in my head and now I’m gonna implant it in yours. Watch both trailers, and then… imagine a crossover. Wick’s dog and Happy would obviously be friends. Nick would go on a slurry, stumbling rampage through the Continental, while Wick himself would expressionlessly carve his way through all of Sonny’s scheming. We’ve got some time to kill before either of these things arrive, and I think I just found the mental happy (HAPPY!) place where I’ll be biding my time.

(Also, just a warning: Patton Oswalt tweeted the trailer, but since then Syfy pulled the video down. What I embedded is a copy of it, but who knows if Syfy is going to change things. Probably to make the show look LESS mind-meltingly awesome. For our own safety.)

Tori Preston is the managing editor of Pajiba. She tweets here. You can also listen to her weekly TV podcast, Podjiba.

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