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'Hannibal' - 'Takiawase': When Everything That Dies Shall Rise

By Cindy Davis | TV | March 22, 2014 |

By Cindy Davis | TV | March 22, 2014 |

Hannibal’s fourth episode, “Takaiwase” was a study in beauty—the beauty of death’s transformation. Given several vantage points, Bryan Fuller offers us alternative views on end of life. Through Bella, Hannibal, Katherine Pimms (Amanda Plummer), Katz, Jimmy and Zeller, can we see what they see? Hannibal shares his Socratesian death as cure philosophy with Bella, who’s fresh off a round of chemotherapy and fighting off memories of her mother’s similar path. Jack tries his hardest not to accept his wife’s impending fate, offering pipe dreams better served up by Bella’s Purple Kush, which he slyly offers to share in support. Katherine Pimms’ killer of the week gives peace to those who seek it—she “protected them from helplessness, and that’s beautiful.” Beverly Katz studies the mural killer’s corpse for clues provided by the man who created them, and little does she know he’s already sewn up her fate as well. But the most interesting study in death came when we observed Hannibal calmly watching Bella’s life slipping away. There was odd pleasure in the way this cold, languid killer slid back—settled—in his chair for the show; enjoying the artistry of the moment a woman sighs her last breaths, then tossing a coin to play her true god.



“One you stalk, the other you lure. One you catch, the other you shoot.” In Will’s vision, he teaches Abigail Hobbes the art of fishing as he continues to plan how to catch a Hannibal; “The one that got away.” Will is his own best therapist, working through the events that led to his breakdown and using the people at his disposal. Chilton is a delightfully willing participant, believing for all he’s worth that he’s in control, while Will makes the eager psychiatrist a deal; “Your that for my this (quid pro quo again): “Do not discuss me or my therapy with Hannibal Lecter.” When Chilton requires Will submit to sodium amytol injections and strobe lights (Due to violent content and flashing light with strobe effect, viewer discretion is advised), Will takes a couple of drug-induced trips to the past. He quickly realizes what Hannibal’s been doing to him, and so—it seems-does the incredulous Chilton. Of course, we (think we) know Chilton’s eventual fate, so his dangerous dance with Lecter is all the more delicious. But even if Chilton recognized the truth in Will’s words and Lecter’s admission, he still doesn’t quite understand which one is the killer…or does he? “You’re not the only psychiatrist accused of making a patient kill. We have to stick together.” Yes, Chilton is that demented.

To Hannibal, everyone is his for manipulating, his for the repurposing. He likes to drive, and he sees the beauty in every vehicle—appreciates it in his own twisted way. When Katz invites him to help her look for something in the details, Hannibal recognizes Will’s words as they escape Katz’s lips. From that moment on, Beverly’s life is in jeopardy. Hannibal is no longer a step behind, and he knows Will’s game. But will he be able to resist his own curiosity…his own feelings?

As Katz stepped into Hannibal’s home, we knew she’d made a fatal mistake. Whether or not he’d left particulars for her to find, find them she did, and then in one of the series’ most terrifying moments, we saw Lecter standing behind Beverly right as she flicked on the light and made a presumably gruesome discovery. Fuller wickedly left us in the dark as several shots rang out, but there can be nothing left for Katz, can there? The last bullet ripping upward through floor means one of two things: Hannibal got hold of Beverly and pushed her arm upward to divert her gun, or she is randomly shooting at him as he escapes. Either way, he can’t let her live; soon she will be transformed.



Deep thoughts:

In Greek mythology, a coin is placed in a dead person’s mouth to “pay the ferryman;” the price for her soul to be carried across the river dividing the world of the living and dead. Charon = Hannibal.

This was a well-balanced hour, with the focus heavy on Beverly’s #KATZANDMOUSE (clever Fuller) game, the beautiful and emotional scene between Jack and Bella, and just the right bits of Plummer’s creepy yet caring whackadoodie.

While next week’s previews show Will speaking with a “confessed” copycat killer, I’ll posit that he’s a Hannibal plant, meant to throw Will and Co. off track. Will told Beverly that the Chesapeake Ripper and copycat are the same—I still believe he’s correct.


Were Norman Fell still alive, I’d have sworn Mr. Roper was that hollow-eyed walking dead man. Freaky.

Best “discretion advised” warning ever.

Jimmy continues to provide much needed comic relief with his “I’m a bee lover…did you know the male’s ejaculation is so powerful it can be heard by the human ear?”

Jack’s best line: “Oh you are harshing my buzz right now.”


Cindy Davis, (Twitter)