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Dutch Comedy Central Edits Out Controversial 'South Park' Scene

By Lord Castleton | TV | November 24, 2015 |

By Lord Castleton | TV | November 24, 2015 |

This brilliant, inspired season of South Park has more or less revolved around the concept of liberal outrage and specifically around a new character called PC Principal. On last week’s episode, for example, he tries to explain to a handicapped student (Jimmy) why it’s not okay for that student to use the term “retarded.” Jimmy doesn’t agree, and so PC Principal ends up taking refuge in a number of microaggressions in an effort to get the PC ethos across. In the world that Matt Stone and Trey Parker have created, PC Principal has a rock solid idea of what is and what isn’t for public consumption, is and isn’t acceptable language and is and isn’t something which can be curbed or redirected to fit into the PC agenda. As well meaning and evolved as the PC message attempts to be, it’s torn asunder by a simple conversation with a clear-minded student.

In the Netherlands, things may not be as cut and dry as that. In the wake of the Paris attacks, I’m sure everyone is on edge, and even something as seemingly innocuous as an animated comedy show is open to censorship.

Basically, South Park is on the warpath against the Donald Trumps of the world (played to full hate mongering perfection by Mr. Garrison) who is running for president on a very clear message of xenophobia and intolerance, and of course, is watching the money and support roll in.

“What I know is that there’s only one way to deal with Syrian refugees and that is…fuck them all to death!”

Here’s how that particular line was handled in Holland:

You’ll also notice the charitable depiction of Caitlyn Jenner. When these dudes go after someone, they Jeff Gillooly the fuck out of them.

Tough choice for Comedy Central, and when they were asked about it, they responded in true PC principal fashion.

If you’re not watching South Park, you’re missing some of the best social commentary outside of Last Week Tonight.

Right now, in addition to all of this, they’re running this amazing Blade Runner through line where internet ads have become self-aware and human beings have lost the ability to tell the difference between news and an ad. Jimmy, the editor of the local school paper, is one of the few people who can actually distinguish them, and so they put him in a room with one of his classmates, a pleasant young girl named Leslie, and after a polite conversation he steps out and asks with a shuddering voice “does she even know she’s an ad?”

It’s pretty amazing. It’s right up there with my favorite episode of the season that tackled gentrification and what it means to have a Whole Foods in your town. South Park continues to spark interest and debate in its nineteenth season with a message as clear and unambiguous as anything PC Principal could come up with, even if parts of that message might be deemed too volatile in certain parts of the world.

You can watch the whole 19th season (!) here.

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