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How Is This The Only Show On TV Smart Enough To Cast John Cho As A Romantic Lead?

By Emily Cutler | TV | August 30, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | TV | August 30, 2017 |

I watch what some might consider to be a lot of TV. Or, I should say, I like to keep up on a lot of different shows. It helps that I don’t watch any reality shows or sports (not until you get your goddamn acts together, the Sox and the Bears), and that I don’t have a real TV. Instead, once a week-ish, I’ll spread out in front of the laptop, and spend four or five hours watching all the shows from the week.

What I’ve found is disturbing. Specifically, an incredible lack of John Cho.

Yeah, I get it. Guy’s making movies, and playing an ever increasing role in something called Star Trek. Cool. So far none of those things has gotten me John Cho making out with someone. And that’s the best Cho.

Nobody that is until Difficult People decided to cast Cho as Billy Eichner’s asshole boyfriend Todd in a five-episode arc. And when I say asshole, I mean perfect. Sure, he’s a little bit of a dick. And he and Billy did meet and fall in love due to a series of increasingly dickish moves, but in a really sweet way. Plus, the show is called Difficult People. Billy would crush anyone “nice” under the weight of his side-eye.

Now to be clear, there is still not nearly enough John Cho making out for my liking, but it is a start. And to be further clear, this does not absolve other shows of figuring out a way to introduce making-out-John-Cho into their scripts. This is only a very good move in the right direction. No one’s forgotten about season two of Selfie, TV. You still owe us.

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