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Dexter and Lumen Sitting in a Tree, K-I-L-L-I-N-G

By Dustin Rowles | TV | December 7, 2010 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | December 7, 2010 |

This week’s thrilling and nail-biting episode felt more like Part I of a two-part finale, which ended with Jordan Chase holding Lumen captive with Dexter on his way to attempt to save her. But there was a lot that happened in this episode to get us there.

The big hook here was that Dexter found out that someone had been spying on him, and it wasn’t Jordan Chase. It was someone from the police department, and Dexter tied the bugging devices back to Quinn. En route to dispose of poor Quinn, who has actually become a more sympathetic character in recent weeks, Dexter stumbled into Liddy. Or rather, Liddy tased Dexter with the intention of turning him in, thinking illogically that it would be the big bust that got him his job back.

It wouldn’t be, as Dexter managed to free himself and kill Liddy seconds before Quinn arrived and got a drop of Liddy’s blood on his shoe, which will no doubt come into play in the finale. I was a little disappointed in the anti-climactic way in which Liddy’s arc came to an end given what a great supporting character he’s been, but it did play well into the overall story.

That overall story also had Deb and Quinn closing in on Jordan Chase after discovering he had a previous life as Eugene Greer, formerly a fat kid who had some serious insecurity issues. But before Deb could find Jordan and arrest him, Jordan coaxed Lumen over to Emily’s house, and then unleashed mad, psychotic hell all over the place, ultimately beating poor deluded Emily to death with a hot poker. R.I.P. Emily.

Lumen’s next, unless Dexter can get there in time. I am insanely curious how the finale will unfold, and the writers usually give us a twist that makes it all worth it. Right now, Deb is feeling awfully sympathetic to her theoretical vigilante killer, and my guess is that she will tie the murders to Lumen (and possibly Dexter), but won’t turn her in, reasoning that the men had it coming. Harry is beginning to reveal himself to a degree within Deb, and it would make sense. What I’d really like to see is Deb getting to Jordan first, and stealing a little of Dexter’s murder-thunder and afterwards giving Lumen a 24-hour head start to skip town. This schmoopy business between Dexter and Lumen — mapping out a murder plan and picking out a knife together — is seriously creeping me out.

I also love that this is the closest the the police department has been to tying Dexter to anyone’s murders since the first season, and it may be that Quinn has to take a fall. As we’ve noted since the beginning of the season, if you date Deb, your odds of dying increase exponentially, and it’d be just like the writers to make him more sympathetic before killing him off, as they did with Rita last year.

One question that remains, however, is what the hell happened to Officer Cira and the Santa Meurta murders? Did that just go away?

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