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'Deadly Class' Season Finale Recap, 'Sink With California'

By Brian Richards | TV | March 21, 2019 |

By Brian Richards | TV | March 21, 2019 |


Previously on Deadly Class: Saya discovers that Chester and his family/cohorts are all staying at the home of Shabnam’s parents, which is boobytrapped to keep anyone from getting in or getting out. Once she informs Marcus and company of this, they devise a plan on how to infiltrate the house and take Chester down and dispose of Chico’s corpse for good. Meanwhile, Willie decides that he’s had enough of the corrupting influence that King’s Dominion is having on him and his friends, so he decides to pack up and leave town with Gabrielle. And Master Lin finds out where he truly stands with both Gao and El Diablo, which results in his wife, Shu, being killed by El Diablo, and him grabbing his daughter and the two of them running for their lives.

THE STORY SO FAR: Master Lin and Nahia are running all around the city, dodging bullets from El Diablo and his men as they remain determined to kill them both, no matter the cost. Marcus, Saya, and company prepare themselves to break into the home of Shabnam’s parents and take out Chester/F-ckface and his family, only to end up being ambushed by all of them once they finally sneak in, and lots and lots and lots of blood ends up being shed as a result of this nonstop battle to the death.

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT THIS EPISODE?: The many intense fight sequences of Marcus, Saya, and company squaring off against Chester/F-ckface and his family, and both sides using everything in their respective arsenals, from shotguns to chainsaws to pipe bombs, and all of it resulting in the kind of gruesome deaths that you would expect to see on The Walking Dead. Maria and Saya trying to kill each other after Maria realizes that Saya and Marcus slept with each other, and also spitting verbal daggers at each other while doing so. El Diablo’s men chasing after Lin and Nahia, and crossing paths with some meat cleaver-wielding restaurant employees who clearly aren’t fond of having their work interrupted by gunfire. The conversation between Marcus and Chester/F-ckface, which almost had me convinced that the latter would end up enrolling at King’s Dominion…right before Marcus swung at his face with a brick and made a run for it. And Chester/F-ckface meeting his much-deserved fate at the very sharp teeth of a dog named Peppermint.

WHAT’S NOT SO GOOD ABOUT THIS EPISODE?: It’s clear from watching this episode that The Powers That Be took the “A little less conversation, a little more action, please” approach very seriously, as everything is damn near non-stop and leaving little to no room for much else. Willie and Gabrielle? Still gone and on their way to greener and less violent pastures, so any hope that Willie would come through for his friends with a last-minute save was all for naught. Shabnam betraying Marcus and company on Gao’s behalf while his parents end up dead at the hands of Chester/F-ckface? Not really touched upon, other than him ratting them out to Gao one more time. Viktor and Brandy-Lynn turning against Gao to stay on Lin’s good side? Also not touched upon. Oh yeah, and we’re left to wonder what will happen to Marcus after he walks outside alongside Maria and with Chico’s severed head in hand … and does so right in front of El Diablo and his men who are waiting outside … and who shoots Lex when he runs outside to meet them. In short, we’re all left to wonder who will survive by the time Season 2 drops, and what will be left of them?

As much as there was to like about this episode, it also felt like it was trying very hard to throw its punk-rock, “look at how much we don’t give a f-ck” approach at the audience to keep them entertained, whether it worked or not.

And Marcus, could you possibly be any more of a f-ckboy when you were being confronted by Maria?

Maria: “All I ever did was love you.”
Marcus: “I never asked you to love me.”

Me watching this scene: “Oh, f-ck you, Marcus!”

IS HENRY ROLLINS IN THIS EPISODE?: No. His character is still in hiding.

IS CHESTER A.K.A. F-CKFACE A.K.A. MARCUS’ ROOMMATE FROM THE ORPHANAGE IN THIS EPISODE? AND IS HE STILL HAVING SEX WITH ANIMALS?: He most certainly is, and once he is able to knock out Marcus, Chester/F-ckface has fun with him the only way he knows how: by having Marcus star as a guest on his fake talk show that’s being videotaped and force him to confess that he’s not the actual Orphanage Killer, but that it’s really Chester/F-ckface.

And as Shandy helpfully pointed out to Marcus: yes, he f-cks the dogs.



TO SUM IT ALL UP: A brutal and fairly well-made finish to a strong and mostly impressive first season. I do look forward to seeing how many of the cliffhangers will be resolved (where is Saya going now that she too has suddenly decided that she’s had enough of feeling like her friends at King’s Dominion are just bringing her down? What will happen to her when Master Lin eventually finds her and confronts her over her failure to keep his family safe? Will Lex survive his gunshot wound? What will happen to Marcus and Maria? Are they actually broken up for good? What will Master Lin do about Gao taking his daughter away from him to undergo the same training that she once did when she was a child? And most important of all: will Brandy-Lynn get roundhouse-kicked in the face more often by her fellow students who aren’t here for her racist bullshit?), but much of the show would be improved if it didn’t try too hard to show how cool and unorthodox it is. We’re already watching a show about teenagers in school being trained to kill people. That’s cool and unorthodox enough without having to drop anvils on your audience to get that point across.

And with that, see you all for Season 2.

This episode of Deadly Class has been brought to you by “There Ain’t Nobody Better” by The Misfits:

And by this public service announcement from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints:

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