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'Deadly Class' Episode 9 Recap, 'Kids Of The Black Hole'

By Brian Richards | TV | March 14, 2019 |

By Brian Richards | TV | March 14, 2019 |


Previously on Deadly Class: All of the students at King’s Dominion are put on lockdown and forced to stay in their rooms after Yukio is murdered (by Maria, and on El Diablo’s orders), and Master Lin demanding answers. When Marcus is caught sneaking out, Lin interrogates him until Marcus finally opens up to him and tells the truth about what happened. Lex, Petra, and Billy decide to have a threesome to resolve all of their unresolved feelings for each other. Saya and Maria end up at each other’s throats. And Marcus tells Maria and all of his friends the truth about Chester and his blackmail scheme.

THE STORY SO FAR: Saya discovers that Chester and his family/cohorts are all staying at the home of Shabnam’s parents, which is boobytrapped to keep anyone from getting in or getting out. Once she informs Marcus and company of this, they devise a plan on how to infiltrate the house and take Chester down and dispose of Chico’s corpse for good. Meanwhile, Willie decides that he’s had enough of the corrupting influence that King’s Dominion is having on him and his friends, so he decides to pack up and leave town with Gabrielle. And Master Lin finds out where he truly stands with both Gao and El Diablo, and ends up having to fight for both his life and the lives of his wife and daughter.

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT THIS EPISODE?: Marcus confronting Lin as to what is the entire point of what he and the other students are being taught at King’s Dominion and what they’re expected to do with the skills and knowledge they’re being taught. Marcus and company convincing Lex to put his damn money where his mouth is and show how deadly he is by helping them go after Chester. Marcus recovering from his hangover and showing us what happens when you attempt to fart and end up filling your pants with projectile liquid diarrhea. Saya showing Marcus how to have fun at a punk concert and join a mosh pit as part of that fun, followed by Saya responding to Marcus’ request to share something personal about herself by kissing him passionately before the two of them proceed to have sex. Gao discovering at the last moment which horse that Viktor and Brandy-Lynn have decided to back. Saya disobeying Lin’s orders to go help Marcus and company take down Chester. And Lin and his family paying the price for Saya’s loyalty to her friends thanks to El Diablo and his crew breaking into Lin’s house and attempting to kill everyone as payback for what happened to Cico, and ends up killing Shu, Lin’s wife, and sending both Lin and his daughter on the run for their lives.

WHAT’S NOT SO GOOD ABOUT THIS EPISODE?: As much as I like Willie and Gabrielle and think they do make a cute couple, there hasn’t been enough development to care anything at all about their relationship or the two of them leaving town together.

IS HENRY ROLLINS IN THIS EPISODE?: No. His character is still in hiding.

IS CHESTER A.K.A. FUCKFACE A.K.A. MARCUS’ ROOMMATE FROM THE ORPHANAGE IN THIS EPISODE? AND IS HE STILL HAVING SEX WITH ANIMALS?: He certainly is, as he opened up the episode showing off his singing talent (I know, right? Who knew?) and then quoting First Blood after Shabnam’s father attempted to escape from the house and wound up getting killed by one of Chester’s boobytraps.

DOES SAYA GET HUNTED BY ANY MORE OF HER COUSINS FROM TOKYO?: No. But she is confronted by Lin in her dorm room as he reminds her that her training and services belong to him until her education is complete and she returns to Tokyo.


ANY MURDER/DEATH/KILLS IN THIS EPISODE?: Rest in peace, Shabnam’s dad. And all of the human furniture in Gao’s office who ends up dying at the hands and razor-sharp weapons of Lin, Viktor, and Brandy-Lynn.

TO SUM IT ALL UP: Other than the Willie-Gabrielle storyline which has me Jane Lane-shrugging about it, this was a fun and terrific episode to set up how this season is going to end. You have Willie leaving town and having us wonder if he’ll actually come back to his friends, and if Gabrielle will be by his side if that happens. Gao and El Diablo declaring war on Lin, and Lin having tk not only protect himself, but also his daughter who everyone is supposed to think is dead, and Marcus and company getting ready to unleash hell on Chester and his people. And we haven’t even gotten to the Marcus/Saya/Maria triangle as well as the fact that Saya is going to be in so much trouble with Lin (if he survives this ordeal) for disobeying orders and abandoning her post. (Granted, she had no reason to know that it was Lin’s own family she was assigned to protect, but still). There’s going to be so much bloodshed and drama and more bloodshed to end this season next week, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.

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