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'Deadly Class' Episode 8 Recap, 'The Clampdown'

By Brian Richards | TV | March 8, 2019 |

By Brian Richards | TV | March 8, 2019 |


Previously on Deadly Class: Marcus opens up to Saya and tells her everything about Chester a.k.a. Fuckface and how he’s now in possession of Chico’s corpse and using it to blackmail Marcus, and so they recruit their Psychopathy professor, The Scorpio Slasher, to help them find him. Willie and Gabrielle spend some quality time together. And Maria, under threat of death from Chico’s family, finally decides to pin the blame for Chico’s death on someone, and she chooses Yukio (who has been spying on and double-crossing Maria and Marcus and their friends), right before sneaking up on him and slitting his throat.

THE STORY SO FAR: Yukio’s murder at the hands of Maria (though no one knows that she’s the murderer) results in Master Lin putting all of King’s Dominion on lockdown and confining all of the students to their rooms until he finds out who is responsible for murdering another student. Saya and Maria end up at each other’s throats as they each find themselves having to answer to the crews they belong to. Marcus is forced to decide how much he actually trusts Master Lin and how much his friends truly mean to him. And the Lex/Billy/Petra love triangle comes to a head when Petra decides that she’s young and only lives once, so why not express her affection for both by having a three-way? And Gao is learning more and more about all of the recent chaos occurring at King’s Dominion, courtesy of Shabnam, Viktor, and Brandy-Lynn pledging their allegiance to her and spying on Marcus and company on her behalf.

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT THIS EPISODE?: The scenes between Petra, Lex, and Billy getting on each other’s last nerves before arriving at the conclusion that giving each other what they all want via three-way is a good way to spend their time while being locked down…right before the three-way is cut short due to the lockdown ending abruptly and Petra leaving them both with blue balls as she leaves to get herself some snacks. Marcus being called out by Willie for showing more concern about himself than about what’s going on with his friends. Master Lin confronting Marcus and interrogating him about what really happened to Yukio and Chico, and Marcus (and us) having to wonder and decide whether or not Lin could really be trusted and actually gave a damn about him, right before Marcus realizes how much his friends/found family mean to him and tells them all the truth about Chester and what he’s been up to.

WHAT’S NOT SO GOOD ABOUT THIS EPISODE?: The fact that there’s been little to no follow-up on the reveal of Master Lin’s wife and daughter still being alive, and learning more about what would compel him to fake their deaths in the first place. It’s difficult to care all that much about Willie not being able to see Gabrielle for their date when neither Gabrielle or her relationship with Willie has been given much development in the first place.

IS HENRY ROLLINS IN THIS EPISODE?: No. His character is still in hiding.


DOES SAYA GET HUNTED BY ANY MORE OF HER COUSINS FROM TOKYO?: No, but once she decides to step in and stop one of her fellow clan members from killing Maria on Gao’s orders, it’s clear that Saya’s time at King’s Dominion is about to become a lot more unpleasant.



TO SUM IT ALL UP: This is a better and more compelling episode than last week’s, and is definitely now planting all of the seeds for everything that is guaranteed to pop off in the season finale, from Marcus & Saya & friends vs. Chester, to Lin’s grasp on both his family and his leadership of King’s Dominion slowly slipping away from him and into the far less merciless hands of Gao. But until all of this comes to pass, I’ll just continue lighting all of the sage and incense in my hope that Brandy-Lynn gets her ass thoroughly whooped. Because seeing racists get their asses whooped is always a welcome and entertaining sight.

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