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Recap: 'Deadly Class' Has a Kaitlin Bennett. Her Name Is Brandy-Lynn, and She Is the Worst

By Brian Richards | TV | February 21, 2019 |

By Brian Richards | TV | February 21, 2019 |


Previously on Deadly Class: Marcus, Saya, Maria, Willie, and Billy went on a road trip to Las Vegas to kill Billy’s abusive father and also enjoy plenty of drugs. Marcus ended up taking much more acid than he should have, both he and Billy accomplished their mission by killing Billy’s dad, and he and Maria made out and were about to have sex until Chico kicked in the door with every intention of busting a cap in Marcus’ ass. Unfortunately for Chico, his attempted crime of passion was cut short thanks to Maria slitting his throat. His body was found by Chester a.k.a. Marcus’ roommate from the orphanage and we were left to wonder what would happen next as Marcus and company left Vegas and went back home to King’s Dominion.

THE STORY SO FAR: After Chico goes missing, King’s Dominion is demanding answers via very painful interrogations in the form of Master Lin’s sister, Gao. She doesn’t hesitate to let Lin or the students know that she’s not entirely pleased with how the school is being run and that she’d be doing things a whole lot differently if she were calling the shots. Despite her willingness to say nothing about what really happened as well as the fact that Chico’s family have recruited to find out what happened and who’s responsible for his absence, Maria is relieved that she no longer has Chico around, which means that she can focus on her new secret relationship with Marcus. She also no longer take her medication for her bipolar disorder, even though it clearly ends up doing more harm than good. Chester decides to contact Marcus with an offer he really can’t refuse: Tell the truth about who really burned down the orphanage and killed all of those kids in three days or he’s going to take Chico’s severed head (which he’s now in possession of and literally keeping on ice) and tell Chico’s family about who’s actually responsible for killing him.

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT THIS EPISODE?: Billy’s attempts at impressing Petra by being the stereotypical ‘bad boy’ by acting as if he doesn’t care about her and by hitting on their com instructor, which results in a BDSM display that is better and funnier than anything you’ll ever seen in any chapter of the Fifty Shades trilogy. (A low bar, I know, but still). Gao making her presence felt by beating and humiliating Master Zane in front of the students and allowing Brandy-Lynn to join in. The animated origin story of how Maria and Chico first crossed paths and how that resulted in her family being killed right in front of her. Willie’s meet-cute with a fellow comic-book geek named Gabrielle, and how he needs Marcus to knock some damn sense into him to realize that he’s being hit on. Seeing Saya, Maria, and Brandy-Lynn working together in their training session and getting to see why Brandy-Lynn is a student at King’s Dominion in the first place. And Maria Gabriela de Faria’s performance as Maria, as she wrestles with her grief over Chico and her family at the same time as she’s dealing with her bipolar disorder.

Oh, and Master Lin pulling a Don Draper at episode’s end and going home to his wife and daughter, who aren’t actually dead, as he’s been saying since the pilot, but are actually alive and well.

WHAT’S NOT SO GOOD ABOUT THIS EPISODE?: Any episode with Brandy-Lynn that doesn’t end with her getting roundhouse-kicked in the face by … any character on the show. But that’s just me being petty only because her character is 1980s-era Kaitlin Bennett and I can barely stand the Kaitlin Bennett we have now.

IS HENRY ROLLINS IN THIS EPISODE?: No. His character is still in hiding.

IS CHESTER A.K.A. FUCKFACE A.K.A. MARCUS’ ROOMMATE FROM THE ORPHANAGE IN THIS EPISODE? AND IS HE STILL HAVING SEX WITH ANIMALS?: He most certainly is, and we learn that he’s not only killing random people and filming it on camcorder to get the media attention he feels that he deserves, but he’still holding Shabnam’s parents hostage in order to gain all the information that he needs about King’s Dominion and what Marcus is up to there. As for animal sex, the dog that is accompanying Chester is apparently there for conversation and not copulation. For now, at least.


HOW MANY F-BOMBS ARE IN THIS EPISODE?: Several, including Chester spray-painting his nickname in the side of a building after killing random people on camera.

ANY MURDER/DEATH/KILLS IN THIS EPISODE?: A pizza delivery-person murdered by Chester, a woman on a bicycle who has the unfortunate timing to come across Chester murdering said pizza delivery-person and is murdered by him as well, and the ninjas who Saya, Maria, and Brandy-Lynn take out during their training exercise.

TO SUM IT ALL UP: A pretty good set-up episode for many of the situations that are undoubtedly going to result in much bloodshed: the Marcus-Saya-Maria triangle, Maria and Saya’s friendship being put to the test and not just because of Marcus, Chester hell-bent on making his presence felt, Gao being determined to do the exact same thing, and Chico’s family wanting to know where he is, and Master Lin clearly having more to lose than we originally thought. But as long as something bad happens to Brandy-Lynn, that’s what’s really important.

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