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Jodie Foster Is Not F*cking Around In Her Audition As 'Batgirl' On 'Conan'

By Andrew Roberts | TV | July 19, 2018 |

By Andrew Roberts | TV | July 19, 2018 |


Conan O’Brien kicked off another week of shows at Comic-Con on Wednesday, and it feels like a major deal compared to prior years despite the lack of significant draws at this year’s convention. Star Wars and Marvel are absent following their big year since the last event, meaning Warner Bros. can quickly swoop in to take the crown without even really trying. And Conan is helping them thanks to his early sketches for the show (and his convenient position within the Warnermedia family).

The show has done similar casting skits in past years, inviting an all-star list to audition for Teen Dumbledore and Young Han Solo in past years. Ths time around it is Batgirl getting the casting treatment and comes packed with two Oscar winners.

Kristen Schaal delightfully kicks things off and brought her new baby with her to push that audition over the cliff. If you’re trying to prove you need that fucking job, bring that baby with you. Don’t listen to the calm voices telling you it is a bad idea.

She’s followed by Hillary Swank phoning it in by bringing one of her Oscars, which is a cheap movie. This comes back later when Jodie Foster shows up with a knight and shows precisely how an Oscar winner auditions for the role of a superheroine dressed like a bat. Shame on you, Hillary Swank.

Maria Bamford pretends to be a real bat, which is pretty damn awesome, Wanda Sykes shows why she’s more than just “Black Roseanne writer” (even if she’s not getting the role,) and Nick Offerman shows to lament the women-only casting process. We also get Nicole Byer from Netflix’s Nailed It delivering a sexy audition which is full of sex noises, and Thomas Middleditch auditioning for the role of a waiter for some reason.

As long as T.J. Miller isn’t around, I think all is well.

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