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Why Is Charity Falling for The Guy with the Stupid Earrings on ‘The Bachelorette’?

By Emma Chance | TV | July 5, 2023 |

By Emma Chance | TV | July 5, 2023 |

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In the most unfortunate news to come out of the week, Charity is falling for Brayden’s bullshit on The Bachelorette.

This guy…I swear.

1. He’s a traveling nurse, which Bachelor franchise fans know is a red flag.

2. Charity’s brother and best friend, who was in disguise as a bartender during the first night of the season when Charity was meeting all the guys, called him out for being there for the wrong reasons. Despite that, she gave him the first impression rose, which, historically, either means they suck the most or they’re the winner.

3. He wears, let’s face it, stupid clothes. And, no, I don’t care about people dressing a certain way according to heteronormative gender expectations; I care about good taste. This guy just sucks, so that makes the scarves and the earrings more annoying than they would be on a less suck-y person. It’s like he’s going for Steven Tyler but with less hair and less pizazz. Even Jesse Palmer, the most vanilla man on the planet, was like, “What’s up with this outfit?

And then on this week’s episode, after some of the guys came back from a group date in which they all had to compete to have the longest kiss in Bachelor history with Charity and the losers watched the winner kiss their intended for 4 and a half minutes, Brayden threw a tantrum about how “disrespectful” and “classless” that was, even though he wasn’t there, and swore he would confront Charity about it and send himself home if he didn’t like what she had to say about it.

That conversation did not, of course, go the way Brayden said it would. When they sat down together, he basically said that it made him “doubt” her “character” a little bit and he was ready to “run away,” but thanked her for reassuring him that she had no ill intent. Because, duh, of course she didn’t. It’s a dating show and she kissed a dude she barely knows in front of a bunch of other dudes she barely knows. Relax.

And yet, of course, Charity is into him. This beautiful, intelligent, interesting woman saw those dangly feathers on his ears and thought, “let’s see where this could lead.”

Hopefully, straight out the door.