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Brace Yourself, Bridget

By Aggie Maguire | TV | November 9, 2010 |

By Aggie Maguire | TV | November 9, 2010 |

Lesson learned: when I say I want more episodes of political maneuvering, be careful what I wish for. It’s June: time for the Republican National Convention in Chicago and for me, one of the flattest episodes so far. I thought they could have made much more out of the meeting between Nucky and presidential hopeful, Warren G. Harding, a man who cut taxes and federal spending, busted unions with terrible force but also supported anti-lynching laws, signed the first significant child welfare law in the US, and was responsible for a humane immigration law (Oh GOP, how far you have fallen). And yet, all we got from the BE writers was a Mary Lincoln-like Mrs. Harding worried that his death in office had been “foreseen” and a glimpse of his baby-mama as she was escorted away from Room 404 of the Blackstone.

While Nucky’s away, the mice aren’t exactly playing so much as completely dissing Eli’s locum position as boss of Atlantic City. I’m glad he survived the gun shot from the casino raid. His character is growing on me. He’s not the brightest and he can be brutal, but he seems to have a more genuine side to him at times, giving a kindness because it’s the right thing to do as opposed to because he can call in a favor later. Also, there’s so much Cain and Abel stuff going on between him and Nucky, I didn’t want to see him go out that way. Especially not since his last evening was spent watching priest-screws-nun porn (hilarious and yet horribly disturbing at the same time).

For most characters and storylines this was a transitional episode. Angela is in dire financial straits and Gillian wonders why she can’t maybe get a job instead of painting nudes. This is a pretty nice scene with the older single mother who has spent 20 years showing off her breasts to pay the rent looking at the younger single mother who has many more employment opportunities just flouncing around hoping somebody sends money (I can’t wait until van Alden finds out he forwarded money to a lesbian). Jimmy’s being positioned to come back to Atlantic City where he can be Nucky’s enforcer and not feel so un-Italian all the time (oh please, oh please bring Harrow with you). Rothstein is getting ready to testify about the Black Sox scandal and….that’s it. Why bother having this great real-life character and awesome actor if he’s only going to get a couple of lines a week?

Margaret continues to like her life but is about to learn more about Nucky’s character and business dealings. Somebody asked in the comments a few weeks ago why I ignored Margaret’s verbal smack down of Lucy. It happened again this week with a slap as well as a verbal TKO, but honestly, I ignore these because for me they add nothing to the storyline. Lucy is pretty dim; Margaret is not. Margaret is going to best her in any showdown and it advances neither the plot nor either woman’s character. We already know Lucy is going to go postal one of these days so let’s move on.

Speaking of going postal: another scene at the Van Alden dinner table and who doesn’t want to be invited there for Thanksgiving? You can just feel the warmth and love that household exudes. Worse still, the fact that Mrs. Van A cries every month when she menstruates instead of being pregnant must mean that they have sex once a month and that thought has created a horrific mental image that I just can’t erase from my mind.

Aggie Maguire lives in a fly-over state where she enjoys waving at the people flying over and wondering if anybody ever waves back. She is a member of the Jane Austen society and a life-long supporter of the Home for Abused Apostrophes.

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