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Bethenny Frankel Is On the Warpath

By Emma Chance | TV | July 24, 2023 |

By Emma Chance | TV | July 24, 2023 |


“The reality tv reckoning, the Bethenny clause,” Bethenny Frankel, Real Housewives of New York alum began in a video posted to TikTok this week.

@bethennyfrankel The reality reckoning is here and the Bethenny clause is born…hell hath no fury like a reality star scorned. The days of exploitation & promoting IP that we don’t profit from are over. Terms will be in the next post. #imwithbethenny #bravo #peacock #neneleakes #vanderpumprules #raquelleviss #tomsandoval #realitytv #reality #strike #thebethennyclause #realityreckoning #realitytvstars #markmalkin #variety #realitystarsunion #justbwithbethenny #rewivespodcast #entertainmentnews ♬ original sound - Bethenny Frankel

“Reality stars are the stepchildren, the losers, the mules, the pack horses, the ones that the entertainment industry is going to rely on right now to carry the water and do the heavy lifting when real stars, real A-list Hollywood is on strike. The issues are different than the ones for actors. We are not actors, we are not playing other people. We are not saying the words that are written for us. We are exposing ourselves, our families, our lives, our children,” she explained.

“I do not have the idiot guide to starting a union in one day, but I will learn quickly, so there are 10 terms that I propose,” she said in the conclusion to the video, elaborating on those terms in a second video.

@bethennyfrankel This is a union. I’ve defined fair & reasonable terms & consider those making $0 on the bachelor to a housewife making millions. This is a 1st pass & how I’d negotiate, w/ my institutional knowledge & wisdom in this industry w/ over a decade on 8 tv, w/ 10 books, 5 podcasts, multiple businesses & what was the fastest growing spirits business in history. I know a contract. Looking into traditional TV residuals is like looking inside “a beautiful mind.” Content used later with no profit sharing & l exploitation of hard working talent is as archaic as calling empowered independent women “housewives,” a term setting back women 100 years then using them for drama. This is the REALITY RECKONING aka THE REALITY REVOLUTION. The is the new BETHENNY CLAUSE. Reality TV has existed for decades & sustained entertainment during the last strike & exploded. This isn’t for people like me, who have thrived & succeeded and clawed their way to the top despite the odds. This is for the next generation. These are broad stroke terms subject to modification. This fight is just getting started. We’re rogue & nimble & not entangled & unwieldy. The intention here is to affect change, get things done and make history. I’ve listed some names who have contacted me & want to get involved. People not on this list are Vanderpump rules talent & the Kardashians, ironically the most powerful entities in entertainment right now, with the most leverage. They should fight for others who paved the way & for those after them. Shows like Summer House and others in production should stand down. Viewers should not watch this content. This paves the way for nurses and teachers, essential workers, production members & glam teams that will be inspired to create a model of their own reckoning. Change takes courage. I’ve alienated this industry & burned bridges with the entire network and streaming community in one fell swoop. This is not for the faint of heart but it’s for the greater good. This is correct. We will be sending these terms by email with the subject line: “Reality Reckoning” starting emails with: #imwithbethenny ♬ original sound - Bethenny Frankel

Frankel continues to post about her proposal on her social media accounts, most recently saying in an Instagram story that “teamsters and labor unions have entered the chat” and that people have reached out to her to talk but they’re “on gag order.”

Frankel also recently reunited with her former RHONY frenemy, Jill Zarin, to record an episode of her podcast Rewives. The two initially fell out in season 3 of the show but the conflict came to a head when Frankel brought Bravo cameras to Zarin’s husband’s funeral in 2018. Frankel blamed Andy Cohen for that.

“Andy said to me when Bobby was in the hospital he would have loved coverage of this,” she revealed, then claiming that Cohen told her that Zarin told Bravo that she would be okay with Frankel bringing the cameras.

Zarin told Frankel that she not did give her permission and did not sign a release to be filmed at the funeral. Frankel reacted by calling the whole thing “disgusting.”

Frankel had even more fighting words for Cohen on her other podcast, Just B: “Andy told me to marry Jason, so, there we go,” she claimed, referring to her ex-husband Jason Hoppy. “Fucking worst idea in history.”