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Are You Ready to Find Love (or Get Rich) During a Pandemic? 'Love is Blind' or 'The Circle' Wants You!

By Kate Hudson | TV | March 24, 2020 |

By Kate Hudson | TV | March 24, 2020 |


Friends, I hated Love is Blind, and of the two reality shows Netflix released earlier this year, I cannot for the life of me understand why Love is Blind and not The Circle seemed to capture people’s attention. It was bad and not particularly well-cast. I know I am in the minority here, but I truly enjoyed watching The Circle and basically rooted for everyone. I watched Love is Blind out of obligatory FOMO because I can’t not watch a trash reality show that everyone else is watching.

Anyway, if you’re sitting in your home doing the responsible thing to protect yourself, friends, neighbors and members of your community—awesome! You’re a decent person, and also? You might be made of the stuff that Love is Blind or The Circle are looking for, since you’re already used to social distancing and not talking to people face to face anymore.

Yup, that’s right. Love is Blind is casting for season 2 in the Chicago area, you can apply here.

Furthermore, The Circle is now soliciting contestants, so this is basically reality TV pay dirt, friends!

What does this mean for you?

To be honest, for the vast majority of us, absolutely nothing. However, for the select few, this is your chance to find love, make money, or maybe if you’re really lucky, both!

Now, I will not be applying because I have a dog (who I don’t feed wine to) and you know, it’s kind of a pain in the ass finding someone to watch him for a prolonged period of time, so I’m out. However, that might not be a deal-breaker for you. If not, I hope you apply and then let me know everything about the process, and the show, if you get cast. Please and thank you!

Kate is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

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