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An Unnecessarily Deep Dive Into Jason Bateman's Emmy Win Reaction

By Emily Cutler | TV | September 23, 2019 |

By Emily Cutler | TV | September 23, 2019 |


You might have heard that the Emmys happened last night. You might have also heard that the Emmy show itself was supremely meh despite the fact that the shows they honored were, by and large, pretty great (could have used a lot more Barry and no Game of Thrones). And lastly, you might have heard that “Emmy” is an acceptable nickname for women named “Emily.” This is false. Unless a person specifically looks you in the eye and says, “Please call me Emmy,” DO NOT TRY.

Despite the disappointing ending (yes, GoT, I will neither forgive nor forget), the Emmys gave us a moment of pure and complete excellence, in the form of this tweet:

How many times did you watch that in a row? Was it thirty? Because I’m pretty sure I’ve watched Jason Bateman “Me?” his way through his best director win at least thirty times. Although it’s not just his reaction. Let’s go to the tape.


You’ll notice that even from the beginning, everyone’s face is the best. As Dustin pointed out, Garner is immediately ecstatic, but Linney needs half a second to get herself in the right frame of mind. Bateman doesn’t care for GOB. Oh, and Bateman’s wife Amanda Anka? Yeah, keep an eye on her. Specifically, the eye that shows her, “What? There’s no f*cking way my husband just won” at around the seven-second mark.

Thumbnail image for BatemanSevenSecond.JPG

Especially because of how quickly it morphs into, “Oh, God, he’s going to be insufferable now.”


Yep, he’s going to be the worst. But you know who’s not the worst at all? Laura Linney. Bateman’s deadpan is great, but come on. This is a woman you want on your team.


Although Julia Garner is doing her godd*mned-est to be a mini-Laura Linney, and I respect the hell out of that. Do you know we’ve still never given Linney an Oscar? Or even an Emmy? We’ve given her all of two Golden Effing Globes, and that’s it. So what the hell? Plus, she’s wearing this outfit, and somehow making it work.


I mean, goddamn, Laura Linney. Goddamn.

Wait, was this originally a Laura Linney appreciation post? Because it probably should have been, but I don’t think that’s where we started. What was that? Jason Bateman won something? Was he appropriately subdued in his response while still being seemingly thrilled and surprised?


He sure was, guys. He sure was.

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