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'American Horror Story' Recap: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 26, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 26, 2018 |


It’s clear now that the last three flashback episodes have all been designed to essentially unite The Witch Avengers for the oncoming war against The Antichrist. But even before the inevitable Apocalypse confrontation, Cordelia tries to head Michael Langdon off at the pass.

To do so, she meets up with Dinah (Adina Porter), the new Queen of Voodoo. Dinah had just helped a lonely housewife kill her husband’s mistress and feed the mistress’s heart to him when Cordelia approaches her and asks for a favor. Can Dinah ring up the Voodoo Devil, Papa Legba, and set a meeting?

When Papa Legba (Lance Reddick) comes onto the scene, Cordelia asks if he wouldn’t mind doing a teensy favor for her and open up the gates of hell to trap Michael Langdon inside for all eternity. Legba says, Sure, babe! No problem. It’ll just cost you the souls of your entire Coven. Yikes. Cordelia says that the deal is too rich for her soul, which she also offers to Papa Legba, but he laughs, knowing that Cordelia is growing weaker as a new Supreme emerges. Legba takes his walking cane and his fancy hat and leaves before Cordelia can negotiate a better offer. “Now, not only will your girls die,” Dinah tells Cordelia, “but 6 billion other people will, too.”

So, Cordelia turns to Plan B: Assemble the Coven and take out Michael Langdon’s allies. That first requires reaching out to Bubbles McGee (Joan Collins), a mind-reading witch who moonlights as an actress in bad Santa slasher films. Bubbles and Myrtle conspire to have dinner with Langdon’s remaining allies, the warlocks Ariel (Jon Jon Briones) and Baldwin (B.D. Wong). During that dinner, Bubbles gets inside their minds and discovers not only that they killed John Henry (Cheyenne Jackson), but that they have plans to kill the entire Coven. Myrtle finds this unsurprising.

Meanwhile, back at Miss Robichaux’s Academy, Coco’s powers have strengthened. Now, not only can she tell if there is gluten in any food product, but she can tell exactly how many calories an item of food contains. That should come in handy for a career as a dietician, although I’m not sure how useful it will be in taking out the Antichrist. She is thrilled, however, to learn that there are only 90 calories in a snowball. Unfortunately, she chokes on that snowball. Mallory (Billie Lourd), quick with the magic finger, cuts open Coco’s throat, pulls out the bloody snowball, and heals Coco’s throat back together, all of which suggests to Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) that Mallory — and not Michael Langdon — may be the new Supreme. Mallory provides more evidence of that by bringing John Henry back from the dust. Literally.

John Henry apprises Cordelia of his killers, including Langdon’s foster mom, Miriam. Cordelia orchestrates a plan — with the help of not-useless Coco — to abduct Miriam, while she and Myrtle grab Ariel and Baldwin and serve all three up for execution. John Henry lights the match because witches aren’t allowed to punish warlocks. They must be executed by one of their own. John Henry is happy to oblige. Goodbye, Miriam.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 1.32.16 PM.png

So now it’s a fair fight, right? Cordelia has the entire coven back together, and Michael Langdon has no more allies … except, as we see in scenes from next week’s episode, that’s not entirely true:

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 1.23.35 PM.png

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