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"American Horror Story" — "Piggy, Piggy": I Hear The Raw Food Movement Is Really Taking Off

By Joanna Robinson | TV | November 10, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | TV | November 10, 2011 |

There was no “Revenge” this week so “Guilty Pleasure TV Round Up” will only cover “American Horror Story.” What follows is a rundown with some spoilers (of course).

Things We Learned:

  • Both young master Tate and Quentin Tarantino think no killing spree is complete without “Georgie’s Theme.”

  • The Murder House doesn’t even have Google?? Ugh, that place is the worst.

  • According to Billy Dean Howard, The Craigslist Medium, there are two kinds of ghosts. Those that seek their “pound of flesh” and those who “don’t even know they’re dead and walk among the living with childlike confusion.”

  • Sarah Paulson is only slightly less annoying than Haley Joel Osment.

  • Both Connie Britton and I have rosy dreams about rubbing cocoa butter on Connie Britton. Mine don’t involve buzzkill fetus fingers.

  • Everything sexy Heirloom Security Guard says sounds like a double entendre to me. “Sensitivity Training?” Yes please.

  • Violet is a cutter. Did we already know that? She’s also, possibly, a Medium.

  • This episode had a real Rosemary’s Baby vibe with Jessica Lange playing the Ruth Gordon role.

  • “You’re in my house and you’re safe, you’re safe” is possibly the stupidest thing Dr. McDerp has said thus far. And that’s saying a lot.

  • If the Murder House tour is booked, you can always check out The Murder Library.

  • Tate likes Birds, Byron and “Battlestar Galactica.” Of course that kid reads Byron. Of course he does.

  • Tate went full retard “childlike confusion,” hauling a half-dead Violet into the bathtub before covering her in tender, wet vomity kisses.

  • Back in Jessica Lange’s Kitchen of Tearful, Oscar Worthy Monologues, Billy Dean Howard, The Craigslist Medium, proved herself to be a better therapist than Dr. McDerp.


  • The Organic, Free Range Creature that gave its life so Connie Britton could go all Daenerys Targaryen on its brains. (Cause of Death: Something Cruelty-Free, I’m Sure.)

  • The Undead Breakfast Club. (Cause of Death: Tate, Driven Mad By Too Much Byron And Time Spent In The Murder House.)

    Horror Cliche:

  • All the religious chatter from both Angie, The Fainting Ultrasound Technician, and Violet’s classmate. “Li’l Hooves” is what I’m calling the fetus from now on.

  • The cavalcade of ghosts including the Ginger Brats, Murder House Tourists, The Nurse and Dr. Charles Montgomery.

    Favorite Lines:

  • “It’s hard to keep good help.”

    The Gist: Not a particularly strong episode, especially on the heels of the delightful Halloween two-parter. Taissa Farmiga was given a chance to shine and I think she’s really finding her footing with this role. What was at first a rather one-note, sullen performance is turning into something far more nuanced. I did dig the Rosemary’s Baby homage, but did not at all enjoy the Pig Man subplot. Even though Eric Stonestreet is actually straight and they did their best to butch him up in flannel and messy hair, I snorted in disbelief every time he mentioned having a relationship with a woman. Also the O’Henry-esque “twist” at the end? Dumb. Why was every bathroom mirror in that episode directly in front of or adjacent to a drawn shower curtain? Not a whole lot of answers or action this week, but I like the (demon) seeds the writers are planting.

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