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What If Amber Ruffin Just Christopher Plummered All Problematic Men?

By Pajiba Staff | TV | August 28, 2018 |

By Pajiba Staff | TV | August 28, 2018 |


It’s a real bummer when an artist you like turns out to be an abusive trash fire in human form. It can make enjoying their work a challenge, because separating the art from the artist is hard, especially when abusers tend to rely on the popularity of their art to keep their victims scared into silence!

But worry not! Late Night with Seth Meyers’s Amber Ruffin has offered to replace abusive artists like Chris Brown, Kevin Spacey, Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, and Louis C.K.. Also Picasso, because Hannah Gadsby’s Nannette set us straight on that fucker. Now, you might wonder what qualifies Ruffin to replace a small army of lauded (but loathsome) artists across music, television, and comedy? Well, she’s hard-working, has a can-do spirit, and oh yeah, she hasn’t sexually assaulted anyone.

“There’s no need to separate the art from the artist,” Ruffin offers, “You can throw them both in the garbage.”

There’s no need to fret about second chances of alleged or admitted abusers! Now, we’ve got Ruffin, who does not need a path to redemption because she never jerked off in front of unconsenting co-workers, locked staffers in an office to molest them, or sexually assaulted a child or raped 60 women. And SOMEHOW, despite never having sexually assaulted anyone, she’s still funny and talented and willing to entertain us.

How does she do it!? What’s that? You say, she understands the concept of consent and just doesn’t treat co-workers like they are a crusty gym sock perfect for greasy sexual gratification? Huh. That doesn’t sound all that difficult. Maybe more people should try that.

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