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Al Roker Showers Twice A Day

By Emma Chance | TV | July 20, 2023 |

By Emma Chance | TV | July 20, 2023 |


Weatherman Al Roker was shocked on the Tuesday morning episode of the TODAY Show by a dermatological recommendation of how often people should shower.

Roker and his fellow hosts took a multiple-choice quiz about subjects like how often you should be changing your sheets or washing your dishwasher. For the question “How many times should you shower per week?” the options were:

A. Every day
B. 2-3 times per week
C. 5 times per week
D. Once

“I don’t care what they say, I’m gonna say A,” Roker declared.

When Roker heard that “the consensus was 2-3 times per week but it does depend on the person” he was beside himself. When he was told that it depends on lifestyle—are you working out every day or working in healthcare?—he couldn’t help but shout, “Lifestyle?!”

“At the end of the day it’s personal preference,” the host of the segment continued.

“Not if you come into contact with other people!” Roker exclaimed.

The host of the segment went on to explain that the recommendation is based on skin health and protecting the skin’s microbiome, and is especially recommended for people with skin conditions like eczema. She described a recent trend of the “everything shower,” where showers are treated as a “spa-like experience.”

The hosts asked Roker how often he showers, and his answer was, “I shower twice a day.”

“That’s too much,” he was told.