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A Theory About Who Jason Ritter's Character on 'A Million Little Things' Is

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 4, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 4, 2019 |


The second season’s second episode of Million Little Things was much better than last week’s season premiere, mostly in that it introduced a couple of new characters and kicked off the season two mystery.

Briefly, on the non-mystery storylines: After walking out on Eddie and Theo last week, Katherine returned this week (that was quick!) and is making an attempt to repair her relationship with Eddie. She clearly has feelings for him, and to be fair to Eddie, he wasn’t the worst this week. He’s a very good father, and I think that Katherine both values that, as well as the idea that she, Theo, and Eddie can be one happy family again. Eddie has committed to it, but there’s still that whole, “Eddie has a kid with the woman he had an affair with” issue hanging over their lives. At some point, Eddie is probably going to want to be a father to his and Delilah’s child, and that is going to be a constant source of emotional turmoil for Katherine.

Meanwhile, Regina is trying to keep her restaurant going, and she doesn’t take kindly to the suggestions of Andrew (James Tupper), her business partner. She’s all about being a good chef and providing a great dining experience, and he’s all about ensuring that the restaurant remains open. In the end, though, Regina agrees to hear Andrew out, mostly because she doesn’t want to lose her restaurant.

Elsewhere, Mitch, the father of PJ (Chandler Riggs/CORRAAALL), finds out that PJ has been snooping around and trying to find out if John is his real father. He and Barbara Morgan confront Delilah about this and reject the $500,000 that John left them because Mitch doesn’t want PJ to know that he’s been lying to him about being his biological father his whole life. The ship has already sailed on that, however, because at the end of the episode, PJ tells Rome — who has been working on a suicide hotline — that he believes John is his father.

Delilah is still feeling some residual sadness about the suicide of her husband, John, mostly because he never confided his feelings to her. She decides to see a psychic (Nelson Franklin!) to see if John left anything unsaid before he died. Maggie goes along with her, and during the reading, the psychic ends up telling Maggie that her brother’s final thoughts were of her before his fatal car accident.

The real action in the episode, however, was with Maggie, whose mother Patricia (Melora Hardin) not only paid a visit to Maggie but let her know that she left her father and has decided to move to Boston. Maggie is not entirely comfortable with this, although in the end, Patricia tells Gary that the real reason she moved to Boston is to reconnect with Maggie. “You need to appreciate what you have, instead of what you lost,” she says. Gary relays this to Maggie, who agrees to have dinner with Patricia. At the restaurant, while waiting on her mother to show, Maggie meets a new character, Eric, played by Jason Ritter(!) and they hit it off. However, when Maggie goes to troll the host — who is an asshole — she returns to find Patricia lovingly patting Eric on the arm.

Maggie assumes, probably wrongly, that Eric is Patricia’s boy toy, and that’s the real reason why she left her father, but the exchange between Patricia and Eric looked affectionate, but not romantic.

Jason Ritter’s character is the “mystery” this season. We’ll find out more about who he is as the first half of the season progresses. Here’s what we know about Eric from creator DJ Nash (via EW):

“It’s a character that comes up based on stuff from the first season. Throughout the first half of the season, we follow the question: Who is this person? And then once it’s known who they are, their potential to shake up the world comes.”

Here’s my theory. Maggie’s brother, Chad, died in a car accident when he was 19. He was drunk. He drank a lot, probably because he was depressed. I think Chad was gay, and I think that Eric was his secret boyfriend, and I think keeping that secret is what drove Chad to drink. I think that Eric is Patricia’s last connection to Chad, and that’s why she approached him in the restaurant affectionately rather than romantically. I think that Eric is going to “shake up” their world because Maggie is gonna find out that she didn’t know everything there was to know about Chad, and she’s probably going to resent her mother for not telling her. Remember when the psychic told Maggie that “there was a part of [Chad] that still lives on”? I think that’s Eric.

Meanwhile, we also know from creator DJ Nash that someone is going to die this season and that it is a character we have seen before. Honestly, I think that character is Maggie’s mom, Patricia. The other reason she chose to leave her father was because she is dying, she didn’t want to saddle her husband with that burden, and she also wanted to be with her daughter and her son’s boyfriend before she died.

Boom: A Million Little Things season two solved.

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