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6 Reasons You're the Worst Is the Best

By Courtney Enlow | TV | September 5, 2014 |

By Courtney Enlow | TV | September 5, 2014 |

Do you still have a Coupling-shaped hole in your life? Do you wish It’s Always Sunny gave you a few more feeling-type emotions? Do you love awful humans and root for them to fall in love? Then you should be watching You’re the Worst. Because it’s the best.

With two episodes left this season, and last night’s episode particularly excellent, you have the perfect amount of time to binge watch over the weekend and catch up. Here’s why.


6. Sexy sex and lots of doing it.

They do a lot of sex, guys. Downtownsies on boys, downtownsies on girls, aborted attempts at threesomes, it has everything. And everyone on the show has a healthy enjoyment of and relationship with sex. It’s sad that this is relatively revolutionary.


5. Jimmy has hidden depths.

It would be easy to consider Jimmy delightfully one-note. Bitter and sarcastic with no concept of humanity. But, that might be the genius of Chris Geere, who in the last three episodes has shown hints that Jimmy has, gasp, a soul. And feelings. And tears. Geere has played this so well that it doesn’t feel like a character shift, or even a growth. It’s just…Jimmy. And I can’t say how refreshing that is.


4. Aya Cash is human perfection.

As Gretchen, Aya Cash is perfection. She’s snarky and she’s mean and she’s strong and weak and flawed and amazing. She’s selfish and self-aware and self-possessed and she cares. She hates how much she cares, she hides how much she cares, but she does. She nails it. Aya Cash should be and if there is a God she will be a massive star.


3. Lindsay is everything.

Lindsay could have been the dumb sidekick. In fact, I was nervous in the pilot that she would be. She could have been the annoying type-A friend every messy quirkalicious girl has on TV. But she isn’t. She’s incredible. This character in just eight episodes has developed so much heart and so much personality and that is equally due to fantastic secondary character writing (see also: Sam, Gretchen’s rapper who is perfect) and the incredible, hilarious performance of Kether Donohue.


2. Edgar is everything else.

Equally nailing it? Desmin Borges as veteran soldier Edgar, riddled with PTSD and the biggest heart on TV. He is so messed up, weirdly realistically so, and so sweetly invested in Gretchen and Jimmy.

Also, other people are rooting for him and Lindsay, right?


1. Against all logic, you really root for Gretchen and Jimmy.

This show could have been a horrible exercise in the cliche-est of cliches—the two commitmentphobes desperately trying to avoid commitment as they sink deeper into it. And, while technically that is exactly what is happening, the show is subverting its own premise and completely demolishing the pathetic attempts that have come before it. You care about these two messes. You want them to be together. You should not, but you do. It’s hard to create characters who are mean, cruel, the worst, and make you care about them. But Stephen Falk? Sir, you have done it. Congratulations.