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Brought to You From Playa del Carmen, Mexico

By Cindy Davis | TV | April 16, 2010 |

By Cindy Davis | TV | April 16, 2010 |

Hello my pretties. This week your recap is coming to you live, from Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Yes, I’m just that dedicated to all five of you. Every time I heard dramatic music, I drank (Sol)! And believe me, I did some drinking my little flying monkeys. This hour of 24 was filled with somber moments, goodbyes, a few tears, one hearty laugh, a little wham, bam, thank you ma’am-ing and ended with another silent clock. So that’s the plan, writers? Get rid of most of the cast so you can start the feature film anew? I like it! And I especially like where that yellow brick road led us tonight, so let’s get started.

Jack phones President Taylor and says he doesn’t know what to say other than, he’s sorry. The President asks if there was anything he and his team could have done differently, and Jack affirms that President Hassan was already dead when they got there. President Taylor lets Jack know he doesn’t owe her an apology, that it was President Hassan’s choice to turn himself over to the terrorists. Jack urges the President to keep the peace agreement alive, but President Taylor is unsure how to do that when the IRK has no leader. She tells Jack that she has no choice but to meet with the delegates to announce the dissolution of the peace summit.

Ortiz consults with an EMT over Samir’s condition and is advised that Samir’s wounds are non-lethal. Ortiz informs the EMT Samir will be transported back to CTU for questioning, but when Ortiz walks away, another “medic” gives Samir a lethal injection. As the medic escapes down a stairway, he passes Renee and she does a quick double-take. Renee catches up with Jack and tries to hearten him, but Jack wants to wallow in his failure. Take a pill Jack, that’s what everyone else does. (Just watch out for the three thousand possible side effects, including death.) On his way out of the building, Jack asks Ortiz about Samir’s status. When Ortiz lets Jack know Samir should be fine for questioning, Jack hands over responsibility and authority to transfer Samir, and says he and Renee are going home. Jack tells Ortiz he’s a good agent and that Jack wouldn’t be standing there without him.

President Taylor is notified by Homeland Security advisor, Tim Woods, that the delegates are gathered for her announcement. The Russian delegate, Novakovich, conveys his sympathy to IRK delegate Jamot for the IRK’s loss. Novakovich says he imagines Jamot has mixed feelings over President Hassan’s death, since Hassan had Jamot unjustly arrested and interrogated. Jamot replies that President Hassan was a good man and was under a lot of pressure, but that Jamot never stopped believing in what the President stood for. Jamot walks over to President Taylor and asks to speak to her alone. He tells the President he knows she intends to inform the delegates the peace agreement is off, but he wants her to hear what he has to say first. President Taylor delays the meeting to speak with Jamot.

The “medic,” Pavel, (Joel Bissonnette) calls Novakovich and informs him that all the IRK operatives are dead and that Samir has been taken care of, but that he’s worried about Renee. Pavel thinks he remembers Renee from a weapons smuggling deal with our old friend, Vlad Latanin. He tells Novakovich that Renee is with Jack Bauer and to be safe, Pavel wants to take out both Jack and Renee. Pavel is nervous Renee will remember him and Novakovich is concerned that if they kill Jack and Renee, someone will connect the Russians to the IRK terrorist activities. Pavel asks what his orders are and Novakovich tells him for the time being, to just follow Jack and Renee.

Dalia and Kayla Hassan are met by President Taylor, who imparts her condolences. Jamot is with the President and Dalia tells him that in the end, President Hassan was sorry for the way he treated Jamot. Kayla wants to know if her father’s killer has been found, and President Taylor tells her that Samir will stand trial for the murder. Don’t hold your breath, honey. President Taylor wants to speak with Dalia and Jamot alone, so Dalia excuses Kayla. The President tells Dalia that the IRK will be thrown into turmoil if someone similar to President Hassan doesn’t take the reigns of the country and continue the peace process. Both President Taylor and Minister Jamot believe that Dalia should take over as successor to the Presidency. Jamot has already spoken to other members of the government and he believes the people will support Mrs. Hassan. Dalia protests, but President Taylor begs her to consider all that her husband worked toward. Dalia tells President Taylor her marriage was less than perfect, but that she never stopped loving him or believing in his ideals. She agrees to take President Hassan’s place. President Taylor tells Tim Woods to keep all the delegates in country so the peace agreement can be kept going. Woods asks the President if he should implement the CTU changes they had discussed and she tells Woods it is his decision.

At CTU, Ortiz notifies Hastings that Samir is getting patched up by medical personnel and that Jack and Renee went home. Hastings asks to be notified as soon as Samir is conscious. Tim Woods calls Chloe, who tries to put him through to Hastings, but Woods says he wants to speak with her. He advises Chloe that the peace process is going to move forward. Chloe asks how that can happen without President Hassan and Woods says he can’t tell her the details yet. But Woods wants to know if Chloe thinks CTU is still up to the job of security for the rest of the peace process, after all the day’s mistakes. When Chloe wonders if she’s being held responsible for those mistakes, Woods tells her that on the contrary, he thinks she’s been very resourceful. He’s calling to let Chloe know that he’s relieving Hastings as CTU Director, and until he finds a suitable replacement, he is putting Chloe in command! Chloe is duly incredulous. (As much as I love Chloe, my first reaction was to burst out in laughter.) Chloe tries to defend Hastings, but Woods asserts that Chloe has great experience, and that division thinks she’s most qualified to take over and so does he. Chloe looks like she’s ready to take a dump right at her desk. Instead she walks upstairs to Hastings’ office. Chloe tells him she doesn’t think it’s fair that he’s taking all the blame, but Hastings owns up to his responsibility for everything that happened - including letting that snaky Starbuck into the garden of CTU. Hastings tells Chloe they need to go over protocols. Lady presidents and CTU directors and moles, oh my!

Jack and Renee arrive at Jack’s place and he offers her coffee. Renee makes small talk, asking about little Kimlet after looking at a picture. Renee tells Jack she’s not going to hold him to the promises he’s made during the terrible day, and he shuts her up by kissing her. I try not to puke.

An elderly gentleman is sitting at his desk, hears a noise and calls out to ask who is there. This sort of situation never ends well. When the man goes to his door to look around, Pavel stabs him and takes up watch of Jack and Renee in the apartment across the street. Jack and Renee are oblivious because they’re frakking. My eyes, my eyes!!!

President Taylor asks for Minister Novakovich to be brought into her office. Novakovich is coyly curious about how President Taylor is going to move forward with the peace agreement, and she tells him that Dalia Hassan is going to replace her husband as the IRK representative. The Russian delegate doesn’t understand how Dalia would have authority to sign for the IRK. President Taylor advises the Russian Minister that Dalia is at that moment getting her government’s agreement to the succession. Novakovich advises President Taylor that Russia is no longer interested in participating in the peace process - when President Taylor asks whether she should contact the Russian President Suvarov, Novakovich assures her that he speaks for his country. After Novakovich leaves, President Taylor tells one of her Secret Service agents she needs to speak with Ethan Kanin immediately.

A physician lets Ethan know he’s going to be okay, but that Ethan should take it easy. President Taylor arrives at Ethan’s office and they discuss Dalia taking over for President Hassan. President Taylor tells Ethan that they need Russia in order to get the agreement passed and asks Ethan if he has any ideas to get the country back on board. Ethan advises President Taylor to accept help from former President Charles Logan. President Taylor doesn’t trust Logan, even though he had a good relationship with the Russians, but Ethan convinces her to at least speak with him.

Hastings announces to his CTU staff know that he is honored to have served with them, and that Chloe is now in charge. Chloe tells Hastings that even though they had a rough start, she enjoyed working with him. Hastings wishes her luck as a call from Ortiz interrupts them. Ortiz alerts Chloe that Samir is in cardiac arrest and Chloe tells him she’ll be right down. But he medics are unable to revive Samir and he’s dead before she arrives. Chloe asks Ortiz what happened - Samir’s injuries weren’t supposed to have been lethal. As usual, Ortiz hasn’t got a clue. When he queries after Hastings, Chloe lets Ortiz know that Hastings was relieved and she is in command. Chloe wisely orders a toxicology test after Ortiz admits Samir was out of his sight a few moments.

Minister Jamot and Dalia Hassan are discussing government business when Kayla enters the room. Jamot offers Kayla his condolences and then leaves for the UN. Dalia tells Kayla her intentions to take over as their country’s leader and Kayla begins her usual whining and moaning, crying that he mother will soon be dead as well. Oh Kayla, get some courage - and a brain while you’re at it! Dalia angrily tells Kayla she’s not the only one suffering and that Dalia made the decision she felt was right.

President Taylor advises Woods that the Russians are already leaking to the press their plans to drop out of the peace agreement. Woods tells her President Logan is waiting to speak with her. As she enters the room, Logan offers his condolences for the loss of President Hassan. Logan asks to keep his assistant in on the conversation, but President Taylor wants to speak to Logan alone. President Taylor is surprised at how much information President Logan already has; Logan tells her that he has close friends in Moscow. When President Taylor asks how President Logan can help, he tells her that he is going to exercise some leverage, but refuses to explain further. President Taylor is angry that Logan wants to make himself look better after participating in covering up the assassination of President Palmer. Logan tells President Taylor that even though he made terrible mistakes in his presidency, he can still do some good, and that she wouldn’t have called him if she didn’t realize he was the only chance of resurrecting the peace process. He tells President Taylor that his first step will be to meet with Minister Novakovich.

Everybody vomit! Jack and Renee are in bed, sharing an afterglow kiss. Jack is thirsty and offers to get Renee a drink. He must know trouble is coming because he puts on his pants and shirt to go to the kitchen. Jack’s cell phone rings and Renee answers it even though Jack tells her not to. It’s Chloe and she informs Renee that someone assassinated Samir. Renee tells Chloe that the EMT was familiar to her, that he may have been someone involved with the Russian mob. Chloe is doubtful that Renee could remember someone from six years ago so clearly, Renee asks for her Red Square files to be sent to her. As they are speaking, Pavel shoots Renee from across the street. Jack hears the noise and calls out to Renee, then runs in to find her slumped on the floor, shot. Jack grabs the phone, speaks with Chloe and tells her to call the hospital to have them ready - that Renee has been hit. The sniper continues shooting as Jack carries Renee across the apartment toward the door. Jack runs down the stairs and into a taxi outside his building, narrowly escaping Pavel’s aim. Jack yells for the taxi driver to get them to a hospital immediately and he pleads for Renee to hang in there as the taxi races through the streets.

Chloe tells Arlo what’s going on and to pull up satellite images outside Jack’s apartment to look for the sniper. Arlo says he doesn’t get it, why would anyone want to kill Renee? Let me count the reasons!

The taxi arrives at St. Andrews hospital, medical personnel take Renee away and Jack stands stricken in the outside area. Chloe calls to advise Jack that the sniper got away, and tells him about her conversation with Renee. Suddenly the door opens and a doctor comes out to let Jack know that Renee has gone off to that great poppy field in Oz. (As sad as Jack’s face looked, I do admit to whooping and hollering for joy when that glum doctor walked out.) Poor Jack goes in to see her dead body and sobs. Say it with me Jack: There’s no place like CTU, there’s no place like CTU, there’s no place like CTU.

For your Enhanced Recap Experience (ERE), please open this link in a new tab and listen to the music while reading the final paragraph.

Did Jack make the right choice - sex before food? Are women running the world now, and if so, should Jack get a sex change so he can do the 24 movie as Jackie Bauer? What is Logan up to? Is he the man behind the curtain? Shouldn’t someone tell Novakovich the Russians have already been connected to the IRK? Wouldn’t it be cool if Chloe turned bad? Will Arlo hit on Chloe? Will Ortiz hit on Chloe? Will Jack hit on Chloe? Should Jack and Chloe end up together - heck, don’t they sort of belong together? Is anyone else as happy as I am that Renee is dead? For these answers and more, please stay tuned to Pajiba until the next recap of As Jack’s World Turns.

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