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Youth Of Hollywood, Step Aside. These Emmys Dames Will Show You How It's Done

By Mieka Strawhorn | TV | September 18, 2018 |

By Mieka Strawhorn | TV | September 18, 2018 |


If last night’s Emmy Awards ceremony is any indication, women of a certain age are having a real moment in this our year of the lord 2018. Old Hollywood glamour was on full display last night, and nary a young upstart with something to prove succeeded in upstaging the legends of sophistication that are Jennifer Lewis, Betty White, Angela Bassett, and Judith Light. That’s not to say the children weren’t trying eleganza on for size, they just need a few years (or in some cases, decades) to ripen to the point at which they coat the tongue and eye with the viscous fluid of exquisite self-possession and confidence and as Jennifer, Betty, Angela and Judith do.

Sure, the kids are all right, but they do not yet possess the tangy bite of Jennifer Lewis who showed up in head-to-toe Nike, her hair in a soft, tidy fro.

Here’s Jennifer talking about her decision to wear the bedazzled Nike look, and it wasn’t merely to ensure she was the most comfortable person in the room.

Fuck high heels, there is nothing more elegant than high minded ideals. Young Hollywood, take note: This is how high the bar is.

But like I said before, the kids are all right. Here is young miss Marsai Martin who always brings pre-teen poise to the party. She plays Jennifer’s granddaughter on Blackish, so maybe a little sumpin’ sumpin’ rubbed off.

Now, Betty White has the advantage of a several decades head start on perfecting a regal countenance, but that in no way diminishes her achievements in elegance. Betty has been nominated for almost half as many Emmys are there have been Emmy ceremonies. At 96 years of age, Betty has had 24 nominations and 8 wins, and received a standing ovation at last night’s ceremony. Her timeless grace cannot be rivaled.

But don’t let the soft voice and hair fool you, this dame’s still got a mouth on her. Youth of today take note: You can be cheeky AND respectful. If you see something you like, have it kiss your ring!

Who knows, maybe Gina Rodriguez of Jane The Virgin will be in her position 60 years from now. She’s charming, beguiling, and has the potential for a long and lasting career.

Alec Baldwin may not have kissed hers (he wishes), but rings are just one of the many accessories that Angela Bassett deployed to pull her stunning look together. She paired the jewels with DAMN!, threw in a little WHAT?!, and added a soupçon of YOU COULD NEVER! I literally gasped when I saw this queen roll up.

I feel like levels of elegance this high are probably fatal. #glamchernobyl

Her presenting partner, Tiffany Haddish, had the unenviable job of trying to stand next to ground zero.

Tiff, are you SURE she ready?

Not to be outdone by any person, on any planet, in any timeline; Judith Light came out, threw her ridiculously expensive leather briefcase on the chair, leaned against the chalkboard and gave a master class in letting each and every one of you hoes know who the fuck she is. She’s Judith light, mother fuckers!

It’s every damn thing. The color, the texture, the attitude, the shoulders, the hips, the brows, the GODDAMN CAPE. Children take note! You can be glamorous at any age, but only if you know what is up. These women here, are what is up.

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Mieka is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

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