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10 Things We Learned From This Week's Sh*t Kicking Episode Of "Justified"

By Joanna Robinson | TV | March 7, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | TV | March 7, 2013 |

Folks, this par-tick-u-lar recap comes to you from Texas. So enjoy the extra deep fried flavor. Shine up your boots and dust off your stetson, here we go:

Things We Learned:

  • Every week should have a scene inside the Wynnebago. Not only for the humorous moments…

    …but for the surprisingly tender ones as well. Who knew Jere Burns’ botoxed brow could wrinkle with such concern?

  • Let’s be honest, you’re going to miss the h*ll out of Joelle Carter if Ava Crowder ends up as collateral damage this year.

    But not as much as Boyd Crowder will, right? I mean, they’re laying it on so thick, I can’t see this going anywhere but south. Deep south.

  • Speaking of things going South, do we have a consensus on the tensest moment of the night? My vote is for this one between Ron Eldard (amazing) and Jacob Pitts (equally so). With a side of Crowder.

  • And Constable Bob? Three episodes later and he still feels tonally wrong to me. I still love Patton and I did get a good chuckle out his interactions with Lee Paxton. But the semi-automatic shoot-out and his rambling exposition/unintentional reveal of the identity of Drew Thompson? It just feels inorganic to the “Justified” world.

  • These two, however? Lee Paxton and Gerald Johns? I adore them. They’re like the Statler and Waldorf of Clover Hill. I hope they stick around for many seasons to come.

  • I was delighted to see the return of Lindsay Pulsipher. Sister Cassie is all tangled up in the Ellen May/Colt drama and now, possibly, romantically entangled with Deputy Tim? I hope not. I still like the Deputy Tim is gay theory.

  • What in the Sam Hell is Johnny Crowder’s endgame? Is he playing every side against the middle or is he just the worst strategist in the history of Harlan? When Boyd threw Colt’s keys to Johnny, did anyone else have a flashback to the time Dickie Bennett got the drop on the Stupidest Crowder by tossing him a billiard ball? At least Johnny’s reflexes were better this week, even if his strategy wasn’t.

  • I hope Art gets more to do in the final episodes of the season than bellow like the chief of police from a bad 80s movie.

  • Okay, bear with me on this one. I think we’re all quite worried that the lovely Ava Crowder might die this season. Or Art. Or Deputy Tim. But have we considered, really considered Boyd Crowder? Would they be idiots to get rid of Walton Goggins? Oh they surely would. But other shows have dispatched with similarly dynamic characters. (*cough* “The Wire” *cough*) Listen, I’m not going to stake my Dairy Queen franchise on it, but the way they lit Goggins’ face in the scene? Boyd was practically cadaverous. The absence of Boyd and Arlo would give Raylan very little antagonistic meat to chew on, and the show would be lesser for his loss but these are just the thoughts I’ve been thinking.


  • Lee Paxton’s Well Appointed Hunting Cabin (Cause: The Contents Of Raylan’s Go Bag And Constable Bob’s Short Temper.)
  • Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks and Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson Line Count

  • Rachel=0 (somebody call Rachel in for this Thompson man hunt)
  • Tim= Too many to count but this one was my favorite.

    Favorite Lines:
    “We had a nice visit before he passed. … Told me that he loved me and that he thought I was a good boy. Said he was sorry for all the times he was a dick and was going to miss seeing me grow up.” - Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens

    Who The H&*$ Is Drew Thompson?!: So…not a red herring then.

    The Gist: They were driving the father/son thesis home pretty hard this week with Hunter Mosley’s “I think we both know whose voice it is, makes you do what you do.” But I will say that the scene where Raylan kicks the ever-loving sh*t out of Mosley was surprisingly effective. I mean…that’s a way to work through your conflicted feelings of grief. The brutal force behind his punches and kicks was truly appalling. In a show that is often packed to the brim with violence, it’s surprising how disturbing this particular encounter was. Masterfully acted by Olyphant.

    Because this recap is a bit late this week, I was able to take advantage of Chet Manley’s amazing gifs. He’s basically the best at what he does.