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10 Things We Learned From Last Night's Faith-Testing Episode Of "Justified"

By Joanna Robinson | TV | March 27, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | TV | March 27, 2013 |

Things We Learned:

  • Oh hello, Winona! I don’t know what paperwork she’s referring to in this exchange, but a) of course Raylan hasn’t signed them yet and b) they’re havin’ a girl.

  • Tell me you wouldn’t pay a million dollars for Graham Yost to remake Con Air in the off-season with Drew Thompson. No? What if Dickie Bennett and Dewey Crowe came along for the flight? Also, at one point Raylan assures Drew that if he goes to prison, Tonin’s men will “fillet him like a perch.” Olyphant’s pronunciation of “fillet” was super dicey and in the prison context I heard something else entirely.

  • This episode is all about Ellen May. (And fate and faith, etc.) Her scene with Limehouse in Noble’s Holler was breath-catching. Abby Miller’s acting throughout has been fantastic but there was also some gorgeous, slow-rolling camera work in this scene that really drove home the feeling of Ellen May’s (seemingly) inexorable fate.

  • Speaking of Limehouse, remember when Boyd was a white supremacist? Well, lest you forget, he dropped this pretty little reminder in our laps: “Come Thanksgiving, he can serve all the dark meat he wants.” We much prefer it when Boyd speaks pearls of wisdom we can stitch on a pillow. Like this gem.

  • Then again, I wasn’t exactly a fan of the way Limehouse was talking to Rachel. Go ahead, keep smirking, find out what happens when you piss off Deputy US Marshal Brooks. P.S. Olyphant was wearing maybe his tightest shirt yet last night. Them buttons were jest about to pop.
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  • We spoke last week about the writers’ penchant for dropping film references in the script. Let’s go ahead and assume that Deputy Tim Gutterson has a well-loved VHS copy of The Fugitive hanging out in his bachelor pad and that he practices Tommy Lee Jones’s “we’re gonna search every doghouse, outhouse, henhouse” speech in the mirror.

  • And then Limehouse gets to play shoulder angel to our beloved Ava. This role doesn’t exactly jibe with his more ruthless character from last season, but maybe losing his piggy banks has put the whole thing in perspective for Limehouse. Anyway, he plants some seeds of doubt in Ava’s pretty blonde head asking her “Are you going to have piece of mind when this is all over?”
    Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 6.54.54 AM.png

  • For those of y’all who complain about Raylan being a d*ck, rest assured, he’s self-aware.
    Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 7.57.10 AM.png
    Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 7.57.22 AM.png

  • And then we get the showdown(s) we’ve been waiting for. A lot of roads led us here to this church and this tent. Cassie’s grudge, Ava’s secret, Colt’s mistakes, Ellen May’s desperation and Tim’s vendetta. Did you notice how nicely Ron Eldard was backlit as Colt enjoyed his final cigarette? They gave him a sunshine halo before he met his maker. Of course this was the way it had to go, but I adored Eldard and I’ll miss him. I didn’t really feel like the Tim and Cassie post-mortem discussion added anything to the moment. I think the bit with Colt’s aviators summed it all up quite nicely. I’ll be looking for Tim to wear them in the future, “Doctor Who”-style.

  • You know Ellen May gets degraded a lot in the episode. She’s constantly referred to as “the whore” or, in the more polite circles in Lexington, the “trailer park bunk bunny.” And Raylan tells her that if she behaves, she can ride with the windows rolled down. Awww, who’s a good puppy?!
    Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 6.55.16 AM.png

    Sure Raylan may often be a d*ck, but he let them have this moment. Which was as sweet as it gets.


  • Nicky The Pimp’s Foot (Cause Of Death: For Want Of A Steel Toe)
  • Colton Rhodes (Cause Of Death: His Clear Eyes, Tim’s Full Heart.)

    Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks and Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson Line Count

  • Rachel=Too many to count…and so much sass.

  • Tim=Too many to count but the wordless moments are his best.

    Winona Hawkins Deathwatch: Usually this is where we do the “Winona B*tchwatch,” but even I am not heartless enough to b*tchwatch a pregnant woman whose home was just invaded by a member of the Detroit Mafia. HOLY HELL, WINONA.

    Favorite Lines:

  • “I’m gonna need Google Translate on my phone if I’m gonna keep talkin’ to you.”- Nicky Augustine. (O’Malley was in fine form last night but Augustine loses points for calling Limehouse “Lemonhead.” Everyone knows that’s Constable Bob’s schtick.)

  • “Does this mean you’re finally getting a haircut?”-Rachel

    The Gist: We took a break this week from the macho angst of fathers and brothers and sons. This one was about the girls. From Rachel amping up the sass to eleven (seriously, this divorce may be the best thing that ever happened to her) to the sex of the Givens/Hawkins baby to the confrontation at Cassie’s church, this was one of the show’s most lady-centric episodes to date. Sure the boys got plenty of play and the actual gun battle was between Tim and Colt, but the showdown that mattered, the one that will resonate, is what happened when Ava didn’t…couldn’t pull the trigger. The triangulation of Ava, Ellen May and Cassie in that tent before the boys arrived was a trinity of faith and fate and fear. And, for once, it wasn’t Ellen May who was shaking like a rabbit. Ava faced down her demons in that tent and took the higher, rockier road. Was it divine providence or human nature? Either way, Joelle Carter (who has lovely features that can harden into stone) acted the hell out of Ava’s crisis.

    Boyd (who’s had a knotty past with religion) believes we all are the masters of our fate, the captains of our soul. But when Raylan tells Ellen May “he’s still looking out for ya” he means Drew, but Ellen May seems to believe it’s the capital He. Is she right? It’s hard to say. But against all odds she’s made it out of this skirmish alive. Will the women in Raylan’s family be as lucky? TUNE IN NEXT WEEK.

    Joanna Robinson loves nothing more than spending an hour on a Harlan County safari. Big ups, as usual, to Chet Manley and his fantastic gif work.