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You Had Me at "Zombie Vigilante": The Revenant Trailer

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | August 2, 2012 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trailers | August 2, 2012 |

And by “zombie vigilante” they do not mean someone who kills zombies, they literally mean a zombie who is a vigilante.

Zombies have always been a blind spot for me. I get vampires, werewolves, and a variety of monsters, in that I can intuit what it is about them that resonates with people whether in fascination, fear, or revulsion. Zombies aren’t as intuitively clear to me. They echo fears of disease, of pandemic, of mindless masses, but in action they rarely inspire a gut reaction with me. Part of the fascination with so many monsters is the empathy they inspire, of the desire to be something like that. Again, I understand that emotion on behalf of vampires, etc. But zombies? It seems like a terrible choice of an afterlife.

In any case, we’ve got a nice low budget horror comedy featuring a protagonist (David Anders) who gets killed by zombies (and subsequently raises from the dead). Rather than mindlessly chase brains or bemoan his cursed lot, our protagonist takes the other logical step open to a movie character: he puts on sunglasses and uses his near invulnerability to fight crime. That’s a decision I think we can all empathize with.

The Revenant very much is going for the buddy comedy route, and it’s not unfair that everyone who sees the trailer compares the vibe to Shaun of the Dead. R-rated zombie vigilante horror comedy that has cleaned up on the festival circuit. I’m in:

And here’s the poster, in which David Anders looks exactly like Joel McHale:


(source: Blastr)

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