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Yes, That's A Man Getting His Eyeball Punched Out. RZA's The Man With The Iron Fists Is Like Chopsocky On Acid

By TK Burton | Trailers | July 2, 2012 |

By TK Burton | Trailers | July 2, 2012 |

I feel like I’ve been waiting a long time to see the words “Directed by RZA” on the screen. The prolific emcee and producer who gained notoriety with the Wu-Tang Clan is a huge fan of kung fu movies and quite the film buff in general. The Man With The Iron Fists is his directorial debut, and will also feature him in the titular role. The premise is, as far as martial arts flicks go, quite simple:

In nineteenth century China, a blacksmith who makes elaborate weapons for a small village is forced to unite with warriors and assassins to protect the village and defeat a traitor who threatens to destroy them all.

Sounds basic, eh? Yeah, maybe you should watch the trailer, because The Man With The Iron Fists is actually flying around like a drunken dragonfly, hitting equal parts completely ridiculous, breathtakingly stupid, and absolutely friggin’ amazeballs. And I mean this in a good way. It’s part House of Flying Daggers, part Kill Bill, part anime bedlam, and all kinds of crazy. It’s chopsocky on LSD. Watch the trailer:

There’s almost too much going on there to process. Some sort of katana blood ballet, a dude who turns into gold, flying kung fu hookers, Lucy Liu bringing O-ren Ishii back from the dead, and Russell Crowe twirling his mustache like his life depended on it. Throw in what will likely be an absolutely killer soundtrack?

I love it, in all it’s loud, wild, overdone glory.

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