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The Behind The Scenes 'Assassin's Creed' Trailer Actually Makes It Look Kind Of Appealing

By Petr Knava | Trailers | June 14, 2016 |

By Petr Knava | Trailers | June 14, 2016 |

For some very fundamental reasons, I’m not crazy about video game movies.

Justin Kurzel’s (Macbeth) upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie will most likely not break the unhappy trend, but the latest trailer — a behind-the-scenes featurette played at E3 — at least has some signs that it might not be a complete waste of time. Like:

Real sets with big stunts!

On-location shooting!

Non-CGI armies!

A lady assassin!

Brendan Gleeson!

Michael K. Williams!

Check out the full thing:

As Fassy himself said to the Hollywood Reporter:

There’s very little green screen in this, which is highly unusual in these films. We have stunt guys jumping across buildings in [Maltese capital] Valletta. We’ve got Damien Walters doing a 120-foot leap of faith, without any rope, into a bag, so it’s pretty incredible to see.

Damien Walters, by the way, is the British freeruner and former gymnast who does stuff like this:


Aaaand this:

He also did stunts in The Winter Soldier, Skyfall, and 47 Ronin, amongst others; as well as being the fight co-ordinator for a pretty shitty movie where the only real good part was the fight co-ordination (Kingsman: The Secret Service).

So, you know, Assassin’s Creed will most likely turn out to be a poorly written, largely pointless damp squib. But at least it’ll be a well choreographed poorly written, largely pointless damp squib.



Assassin’s Creed is out December 21st.


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