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All My Cat Does Is Bite People

By TK Burton | Trailers | October 20, 2010 |

By TK Burton | Trailers | October 20, 2010 |

I have a cat. Two cats, actually, but one of them, who is ironically named Little Man, is a gigantic beast who, while adorable and affectionate with me and Mrs. TK, is a vicious hellspawn to almost everyone else. He bites, scratches, claws, hisses at anyone else. Particularly children. Ohhh, does he fucking despise children. But of course, he’s a sweetheart to us. Go figure.

You know what would make him cooler? If he helped me steal shit.

Here’s the lovely and intriguing trailer for the French animated film, Une Vie De Chat (A Cat In Paris, although — and my French is way beyond rusty, that does not appear to be an accurate translation), proving once again that the French, despite my rampant, ungrounded prejudices against them, consistently produce some absolutely gorgeous animation. It’s a simple, hand-drawn, storybook style with some lush coloring and it works perfectly. The trailer is in French, with no subtitles, but don’t let that stop you. The plot, from what I can tell, is about a cat who works as a sidekick to a cat burglar, while also befriending a little girl.

Sophisticated French hijinks shall doubtless ensue.

OK, here’s the official synopsis, if you want to be all fancy-like.

Dino is a cat that leads a double life. By day, he lives with Zoe, a little girl whose mother, Jeanne, is a police officer. By night, he works with Nico, a burglar with a big heart.One day, Dino the cat brings Zoe a very valuable bracelet. Lucas, Jeanne’s second-in-command, notices this bracelet is part of a jewellery collection that has been stolen.One night, Zoe decides to follow Dino. On the way, she overhears some gangsters and discovers that her nanny is part of the gangsters’ team…

Watch it.

(source: Twitch)

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