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Tron 2: Electric Boogaloo (Hey That Kinda Fits!)

By Miscellaneous | Trailers | July 22, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Trailers | July 22, 2010 |

This one goes out to all the Tron fans out there. You exist, right? It seems nerd friendly enough to have a following. A guy goes into a video game and fights The Master Computer! The perils of technology! Do you play the game or does the game play you?!

That’s what Tron is about, right? I swear I’ve seen it but I think I remember the video game versions more. And Kingdom Hearts, anyone? I know there are fans of that here.

Maybe the Tron: Legacy trailer will help my memory

Oh THAT’S why it has fans. Light Cycles and Energy Frisbees. I don’t even think I need to sell you on this movie. Look at that. TWO Jeff Bridgeses. One old. One slightly creepily rendered with CGI. Speaking of the CGI, I really dig the negative space thing they’ve got going on. Glowy accents on darkness, just like inside of a computer. And if Jeff Bridges isn’t enough acting for you, it also will have Michael Sheen.

Want more incentive? As far as I know, Daft Punk is still doing the soundtrack.

And that’s a light airplane thing at the end. That appeals to the hardcore Tron fan, right? Either way it’s definitely a very unique world and I think we can expect some crazy shit.

I’m really interested in what someone with more Tron knowledge thinks of this. I call it true to the original. Prove me wrong, nerds.

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